Cinematic Elements In Blade Runner

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Blade Runner is set in the year 2019 when society has become disruptive, the environment is polluted, and humanoid robots named replicants are loose in the city. The director and editor, as well as many others, are in charge of making the film have certain elements that let the audience become aware of what is happening. Some of the well known cinematic elements involved with the film are lighting and color. Filmmakers use lighting and color to demonstrate the importance of certain atmospheres in scenes and the inner emotions of characters throughout Blade Runner.

To begin with the first cinematic element, lighting has a principal role all throughout Blade Runner. In many cases, low-key lighting is apparent in the film as well as side lighting.
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The camera runs for twenty-two seconds until it smoothly cuts into the “eye machine” turning on. When Mr. Holden constantly asks Leon questions about theoretical situations, this angers Leon which signals the audience to be aware that he is not like a typical human (Blade Runner 00:04:14 - 00:07:24). An example of side lighting can be found at the scene when Tyrell and Rachel’s faces are being half lit. Here is where the scene leads the audience to believe there is more to know about them as a character, which Deckard yet has to discover too. When observing the two characters, both keep an expressionless face that still reveals they have a mission that has yet to unfold. This also has an underlying theme of secret identities that occurs with most characters throughout the film (Blade Runner 00:16:58 - 00:18:46). Another scene where lighting helps create an atmosphere for the characters is when Deckard has a meeting with Captain Bryant. Throughout the scene, the low-key lighting is helps the audience know that this meeting between the two characters is held in secrecy, creating a mischievous atmosphere coming from the captain’s side of the …show more content…
Lighting is used in creating the atmosphere around the city and within buildings while color demonstrates the emotions of the characters, which includes fear, anger, frustration, and depression. These elements are used to define the characters and the world they live while helping the audience realize the film gradually develops the characters sense of emotions with the two main

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