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  • End Of The Cold War Analysis

    End of the Cold War Sunny Sidhu Athabasca University Calgary, AB Adam Lajeunesse HIST 455 Nov, 16, 2015 The foundation of the Cold War was built on several different disagreements such as the two superpowers at the time having differing opinions, the way the security of the nation should be dealt with, and the governments neglecting each others opinions. All of these disagreements escalated into the war that killed many innocent civilians. Many were injured and disabled…

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  • Summary Of Mara Hvistendahl's Essay Possible Man

    to misuse technology also because it is already happening. The United States is known for creating enhanced environment, thus we are accountable for the over accessibility with what should remain private. Also other countries such as Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia are currently responsible for unequal birth ratios like if it is the norm. In his essay, Hillary Clinton states, “WikiLeaks releases documents without regard for the consequences is, if not deliberately misleading, woefully ignorant”…

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  • Islamic Empire Motivation

    000 men, the Muslims had gathered about 24,000 men from the Lakhm, the Judham, and other tribes. About 70,000 of the 200,000 men were killed by the Muslims and the remaining forces fled from al-Yarmuk to Palestine, Antioch, Aleppo, Mesopotamia, and Armenia. These battles provides a clear view of the military power of the Islamic Empire. The main motivation for the Islamic Empire 's military success what the drive to convert the people of the world to Islam. Has in the case of Jabalah, Jabalah…

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  • Armenian Genocide Causes

    Causes and Prevention of Genocide: Armenia Case Study The Armenian genocide is one of the most infamous crimes against mankind, yet is not nearly accredited as such. Even Adolf Hitler, who is responsible for the deaths of over six million Jews alone, has said, “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of Armenians?” (“Popular Quotes”), clearly depicting the ignorance and disavowal of the deaths of over 1.5 million Christian Armenians in Europe during World War I. In the years between…

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  • Son Of Jonah: Summary

    In year ca. 1160 Rabbi Benjamin, son of Jonah, started off on his journey from his native city of Saragossa, Spain and then travelled through many cities in what is now known as Asia, Europe and Africa. This travelogue was first written in Hebrew by Benjamin but was then much later translated and complied by Marcus Nathan Adler. Benjamin documented his travels through explanation of the people, geographical nature, culture and the existence of the Jewish populations. He was connected to his…

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  • Australia During The Cold War Analysis

    In the year of 1962, during the time of the Cold War, in which the Northern countries started falling to communism. Vietnam was in a difficult situation in which North Vietnam And South Vietnam had been divided from each other, due to their different economic stances. America had sent their military forces to South Vietnam to protect it from being over run by communism, and they called to Australia for assistance. Australia had a close relationship with the U.S. After dealing with the…

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  • The Causes Of The Crusades

    The Roman Catholic Church held more power than any other nation in the medieval era, specifically because of the power of religion at the time. The Church hated opposing religions, so when Islamic factions veered dangerously close on the Trade city of Constantinople, the Church panicked. Hence began The Crusades. The holy cities of Antioch, Jerusalem, and Constantinople were in danger of being infected with the blood of infidels, and the Pope would not tolerate such blasphemy. However, in…

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  • Muslim Trade Essay

    Why did trade thrive in Muslim lands? In 610 C.E., Muhammad founded a new religion called Islam. Muhammad’s religion inspired the Arab people, and the Muslims had conquered an area stretching from Afghanistan to parts southern Spain. Trade, ideas, and culture thrived in this Islamic empire. Islam brought a sense of unity and purpose to the traders and people of the Arabian Peninsula. Arab armies spread Islam through the Middle East and beyond. Muslim traders also spread Islam. Between…

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  • New York City Immigration

    czarist Russia and eastern Europe (exactly 484,000 landed in 1910 alone) and Italians getting away destitution in their nation. There were additionally Poles, Hungarians, Czechs, Serbs, Slovaks and Greeks, alongside non-Europeans from Syria, Turkey and Armenia. The reasons they cleared out their homes in the Old World included war, drought, starvation and religious mistreatment, and all had sought after a more prominent open door in the New…

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  • Marco Polo Thesis

    Marco Polo was an explorer who sculpted the world we live in today. He traveled from his Venetian home to China along the Silk Roads. In China, he worked for one of the most powerful leaders in his time, Kublai Khan. This gave him a firsthand experience with one of Europe’s powerful leaders. His travels were later recorded into a book called the, II Milione, which gave Europeans insight of the world beyond them. His book inspired other Europeans to travel to unknown lands. Marco Polo is…

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