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  • Gothic Architecture Research Paper

    A connection can be made that the purpose of architecture in any given period often correlates with the main functions in society at the time. When looking back at ancient architectural ideals, two main functions are evident based on society at the time. Architecture served the purpose of consolidating security and power, and served to please the gods. This justified the amount of governmental and religious complexes, the Greeks…

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  • Analysis Of Landscape Is Our Sex By David Heyrmann

    What sells architecture? Landscape, writes David Heymann in his 2011 article “Landscape is Our Sex”. Heymann presents an interesting stance on the role of landscape in modern architecture, however, despite the conviction of Heymann’s beliefs, this article presents insufficient evidence to support many of his claims. “Landscape is Our Sex” discusses the trend in modern architecture to describe designs as a response to the site; correlating the built form with the landscape as a strategy to…

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  • Design And Build Contract

    architect is responsible for producing the first set of drawings. They need to produce floor plans sections and elevations which other consultants need to work from and are needed for construction to…

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  • Analysis Of Liturgy And The Monument By Roger E. Reynolds

    The sections we read were part of a larger study by Toby Huitson into the uses and purposes of the upper spaces in Gothic Cathedrals. Throughout the text, he looks at many possible uses for different spaces based on surviving texts and architectural cues. Huitson looks at why we don’t know their specific uses at the time of construction along with what they were used for later on as a possible window into the original intention of the spaces. In his research, Huitson looks at old writings…

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  • St. Raphael In Greek Architecture

    Although the Cathedral of St. Raphael didn’t need to use these doric columns and barrel vaults as main support system for the architectural integrity, they use elegant cylinder shaped support pillars as design and minor support for the overall structure. Any building that has the Byzantium architectural era identity, it would certainly include artifacts, icons, elegant decorated manuscripts, displays, interior designing, and images that portray beauty, richness…

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  • Houses In The Elizabethan Era

    The buildings in the Elizabethan Era, were the biggest and most awkward looking things ever. The buildings were built out of wood, were decorated nicely, and were mostly built on hills in a village format. One question people tend to ask very often is, “What were these buildings made out of?” Most of these buildings were Half Timbered. Made up of mostly wood with extremely large windows. The timbers that the architects used were usually very tall and widely spaced out. People's houses…

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  • My Classroom Analysis

    This plan relies very heavily on the use of technology, without which I believe I could still make this plan work, although it would look very different and potentially not be as fluid. Through the use of, I am able to provide students with all of the information and materials from class digitally…

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  • War Strategy Vs Business Strategy

    Strategy is a high level of plan in order to achieve the goals in the future of uncertainly. Strategy is very important because the resources that used to achieve these goals are usually limited. Setting goals, identifying actions to achieve the objectives and mobilize resources to perform the actions are included in the strategy. A good strategy describes how the goals are achieve by the resources. Meanwhile, war strategy and business strategy are similar but there are still have some…

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  • Advantages Of Tuckman Model Of Teamwork

    1. Introduction How to define the success or failure of a project? It is consider as a successful project if the project meets scope, time and cost goals that means what work will be done as part of the project, how long it should take to complete the project, how much it should cost to complete the project and how good does the quality of the products or services need to be. Apart from the above element, a successful project is a product of an integrated efforts and contribution of Client,…

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  • Tornado Informative Speech

    According to an American Red Cross brochure, tornadoes occur when thunderstorms develop in warm, moist air in advance of eastward-moving cold fronts. These thunderstorms often produce large hail, strong winds, and tornadoes. 2. Also, according to the Red Cross, tornadoes form during the sping in the Central Plains along a “dryline” which separates very warm, moist aire to the east from hot, dry air to the west. Tornado-producing thunderstorms may form as the dryline moves east during the…

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