American Pit Bull Terrier

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  • Pitbull Terrier

    the past, The Pitbull Terrier was bred to be a companion and family dog. In present day, the Pitbull Terrier is oftentimes referred to as the “demon dog” because of misconceptions and bad press. Stories have dominated the news and social media of killer dogs with little being said in their defense. The Pitbull Terrier breed is undeniably at stake and the prejudice seen against this breed is seen more and more as time goes on. The dominant conversation of the Pitbull Terrier involves the…

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  • Why Pit Bulls Should Not Be Banned Essay

    Pit Bulls Should Not Be Banned Pit bulls are often called violent dogs. They are stigmatized as the breed often known as fighting dogs. These dogs are singled out to be restrained or banned and are put to death just for their breed. In Lafayette, Louisiana, two men were arrested for dog fighting and fifty-seven pit bulls were confiscated. Some of the confiscated dogs had scars from fighting, and just because of the breed’s reputation, all of the dogs were considered dangerous. The Louisiana…

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  • Essay On Pit Bulls

    The Ultimate Deal on Pit Bulls Did you know that Pit Bulls are known as the “Jews of the canine world?” (Ingall). Pits bulls are hated for faulty reasoning, giving them the title of the “Jews of the canine world” (Ingall). There are many stereotype of pit bulls that lead to peoples reasoning for such hatred; they are unpredictable, dangerous, and vicious. Pit Bulls were originally breed to take down large animals, bulls in particular. When bull baiting became, illegal people turned to dog…

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  • Pit Bull: Misunderstood

    People have misconceptions about pit bulls, fearing them and viewing them as “vicious killers” or “dangerous”. The reason pit bulls are so misunderstood is because of the many myths that surround the breed. A lot of these myths contributed to the negative image associated with pit bulls and many of them do not fairly represent the breed. It was stated in an article “Pit Bull: Myth vs. Fact”, on, that of the most one popular myths about pit bulls is that they have locking jaws,…

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  • Pit Bulls: Misunderstood Dogs

    walk past you walk over to it and discover it is a Pit Bull. Pit Bulls seem to be misunderstood but Pit Bulls are very loyal and playful. They are very good dogs but seem to be destroyed by the news and internet. They also love their owners. To begin with, Pit Bulls are loyal and playful. Pit Bulls would do just about anything you told them to do. They are also very playful and love to get your attention. The source top ten reasons why Pit Bulls rule says that they love to go outside with you…

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  • Basset Hound Research Paper

    Basset Hounds have short legs and heavy bones. They have loose skin with a hard, dense coat that comes in several combinations of colors such as white, tan, and black (Gerstenfeld and Schultz 204). The breed is around fourteen inches in height and should weigh anywhere from forty to sixty pounds (Colie 32). Basset Hounds have thick, hanging lips and soft, sad eyes along with ears that hang low to the ground. On its head, there is loosely wrinkled skin and a domed skull that is most clearly seen…

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  • Essay On Dog Discrimination

    discrimination of dogs by their breed. The American people see a dog and immediately place a judgement in their own mind of what breed it is and how it will behave if approached. I believe there are concrete reasons for why this thought process exists. First of all, the media consistently stirs up the pot in this matter. It seems to me that any time I see a breaking news story of a dog attack, it has something to do with the typically biased breeds; pit bulls, boxers, bulldogs, etc. How much…

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  • Should Pit Bulls Be Allowed As Pets

    Cuddling Pit Bulls, Would you like to have one! Pit Bulls should be allowed as pets. Pit bulls should be allowed as pets in homes because they can protect you from anything. Like if there is danger coming up for you. What if someone try’s to attack you would someone be there for you? On the other hand dogs can be like a bodyguard if someone wanted to do something to you. In the text it says,” He once saved his entire platoon by warning them of a poison gas attack. Another reason is that…

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  • Pros And Cons Of A Conscious Animal

    Dogs are crazy, naughty and always excited creatures. Their first instinct is to bite and chew any thing that seems fascinating to them. Sometimes, we keep a constant check on them and can immediately stop the ingestion of harmful or pointed objects, but on other instances we cannot stop the mishap. It might lead to choking and loss of breath. If your pet is choking, it is indispensable that you take instantaneous action to try and dislodge the object. You will know your pet is choking because,…

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  • Explain Why Dogs Should Be Allowed In The Work Environment

    Should dogs be allowed in the work environment? There are two groups in relation to this subject; One group in agreement, the other group saying it shouldn't be allowed. Dogs being in a work environment could potentially put a delay in a persons work. They would bring their dog to work, and now have two things to focus on throughout their day. I don't believe people would be able to concentrate on their task when they have a pet they're having to also give attention to. This would cause your…

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