American Pit Bull Terrier

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  • Pit Bull Dogs Research Paper

    As an owner of three different pit bull dogs they have their own different personalities. Duramax, Zane, and Bruce are complete opposites of each other. Most of people say something like “omg, he’s a pit bull there so mean. Watch out!” but that’s not case with pit bulls. There really sweet, loving, and friendly pets. Duramax is a red nose pit bull that weights about eighty pounds. He is almost two years old and the oldest one. He is definitely the baby of the house. When he’s sleeping, he has…

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  • How To Treat Pitbulls

    ♥Some of you might not agree with me on this topic. I believe that Pitbulls aren't a bad breed of dog,I believe that any breed of dog can be just aggressive. It all depends on how you treat any breed of dog. In my opinion, it depends on the person and/or people that treat that dog. I know this from my own experience, I was bitten by a dog twice. It was my own dog but it wasn't my dogs' fault,it was mine. The reason(s) my dog bit me, was because I was fooling around and he was on this medication…

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  • Pit Bull Terrier Controversy

    situation in which I witnessed bias attitudes and saw how these attitudes had an effect on people’s lives (or animal lives). I am going to use the example of breed discrimination against the Pit Bull Terrier. Just about any situation involving the Pit Bull Terrier has been full of biases and assumptions. I have had Pit Bulls as pets my whole life; therefore, I am no stranger to these biases. I have heard just about every argument involving this breed, including arguments as to why they should be…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Columbus Division Police Case

    On 07/14/17, at 3:30pm I Deputy Warden N. Christian was dispatched to 320 Whitehorne Ave on an injury-possible dangerous or vicious dog. I and The Columbus Division Police (CPD) Officer Shannon #2344 arrived at the above location. I met victim Brandon Stoops, Mr. Stoops stated he was walking west in an alley just south of the above location, when he saw a microwave positioned close to 320 Whitehorne Ave side fence. Mr. Stoops went to go pick up the microwave when a small dark colored dog came…

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  • Essay On Dog Containment

    People generally buy or build dog containment systems with the idea of confining a dog to their property. As long as your pet stays on your property, no harm comes to it or to the public. At least that's the common perception. Although they do their job of keeping your dog on your property, they could be flawed from the point of view of preventing harm to the public and avoiding animal liability risk. This is true of at least two of the three common dog containment systems discussed below:…

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  • Brief Summary Of Katherine Rogers 'First Friend'

    Katherine Rogers novel “First Friend” discusses the history of dogs and mankind. She paints a visual image of dogs roles throughout human history and why they are so important to us. However despite these wonderful creatures usefulness, we have a notorious history of maltreating them and I personally believe that our prejudice towards dogs is somehow corresponding to the lack of communication we have with them. While it is true that man and dog were able to cooperate with each other for…

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  • Graduation Speech: Pitbulls Don T Make Good Pets

    Hello, today we are going to talk about how pit bulls don’t make good pets. I require you to stay away from these animals, because they carry diseases. Also they have razor sharp teeth that can pierce through skin. To start of with, when you see one of these animals you need to run. These dogs aren't afraid of anything even something bigger than them. As some people like to call them sweet, they aren't If you aggravate them its time to put your running shoes on. Leading down to, if you…

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  • Acceptance Essay On Becoming A Dog Trainer

    place is my immense passion for dogs, I grew up around dogs. I believe I was three when I first meet with dogs, dogs that my parents owned. My parents owned three dogs, one of them was a male English bulldog, and the other two were two male miniature terriers. I remember my father and I once babysit a dog for a friend of my fathers. It so happens that the dog was another bulldog, but…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Bringing A Dog To Work

    I believe that bringing your dog to work is not a good idea. Many questions come to mind when thinking about the topic. First I think about the dog harming a co-worker and that could lead to other issues. Second I think about the safety issues, because many coworkers could have allergies or are traumitized by an event that may of happened with a dog. If your dog happens to bite a co-worker, it could lead you to a legal matter, and that would cost you some money. There are many people that…

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  • Should Dogs Be Allowed On The Beach Research Paper

    If I could break any law it would be bringing dogs down to the beach in some places that they are not allowed. Dogs should be able to go down to the beach because there is a law against dogs at the beach in some areas. Dogs are wonderful pets that, in my opinion, should be able to go down to the beach. If the owners of the dog are living in a certain area that dogs are prohibited on the beach, then they would not like the area and they would feel bad for the dogs. There is one really…

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