Pitbulls Are Good Pets With Love

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Pit bulls are good pets Slurp slurp, the Pitbull licks his family with lots of love. Pitbull's are so loving that some can't even become a bodyguard! Pit bulls will protect their owner from harm, they are very loving, and are good with children.
To start off, Pit bulls are very loving. A Pitbull with love it's family and or owners with all of its heart. According to canine candor, if Pitbull's are raised in a loving family, they will be loving right back. Most of the mean Pitbull's are from abusive homes. It's like the old saying, "Treat someone how you would like to be treated."
To continue, pit bulls are very protective. They will protect their owner/s from any harm that will face it's way. People would imagine that all pit bulls would

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