American Pit Bull Terrier

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  • Basset Hound Research Paper

    Basset Hounds have short legs and heavy bones. They have loose skin with a hard, dense coat that comes in several combinations of colors such as white, tan, and black (Gerstenfeld and Schultz 204). The breed is around fourteen inches in height and should weigh anywhere from forty to sixty pounds (Colie 32). Basset Hounds have thick, hanging lips and soft, sad eyes along with ears that hang low to the ground. On its head, there is loosely wrinkled skin and a domed skull that is most clearly seen…

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  • Essay On Dog Discrimination

    discrimination of dogs by their breed. The American people see a dog and immediately place a judgement in their own mind of what breed it is and how it will behave if approached. I believe there are concrete reasons for why this thought process exists. First of all, the media consistently stirs up the pot in this matter. It seems to me that any time I see a breaking news story of a dog attack, it has something to do with the typically biased breeds; pit bulls, boxers, bulldogs, etc. How much…

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  • Analysis Of Doritos

    The general mood that this ad conveys is humorous and funny. This is shown by the dogs really want Doritos and they are unable to get them because, dogs aren’t allow into the grocery store. The store manager kicks these dogs out multiple of times and they finally succeed when they use a disguise. The text is small and bold, placed at the end of the ad underneath the large Doritos logo. This large logo catches the eye and uses white lettering surrounded by a orange and yellow chip-shaped symbol,…

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  • What Are Pitbulls Falsely Accused Of Crimes

    frightening owners. Victims that survive pit bull mutilation incidents live with grudges towards the breed type itself not giving the group a chance at defense. These victims will never agree that pit bulls are falsely accused of crimes, and that the real criminals are the owners. This breed is not born aggressive their only crime is trusting in owners that force them to commit atrocious crimes. Even after living a horrible life as a fighting dog, pit bulls have opportunities to be…

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  • Should Pit Bulls Be Allowed As Pets

    Cuddling Pit Bulls, Would you like to have one! Pit Bulls should be allowed as pets. Pit bulls should be allowed as pets in homes because they can protect you from anything. Like if there is danger coming up for you. What if someone try’s to attack you would someone be there for you? On the other hand dogs can be like a bodyguard if someone wanted to do something to you. In the text it says,” He once saved his entire platoon by warning them of a poison gas attack. Another reason is that…

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  • Pros And Cons Of A Conscious Animal

    Dogs are crazy, naughty and always excited creatures. Their first instinct is to bite and chew any thing that seems fascinating to them. Sometimes, we keep a constant check on them and can immediately stop the ingestion of harmful or pointed objects, but on other instances we cannot stop the mishap. It might lead to choking and loss of breath. If your pet is choking, it is indispensable that you take instantaneous action to try and dislodge the object. You will know your pet is choking because,…

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  • Explain Why Dogs Should Be Allowed In The Work Environment

    Should dogs be allowed in the work environment? There are two groups in relation to this subject; One group in agreement, the other group saying it shouldn't be allowed. Dogs being in a work environment could potentially put a delay in a persons work. They would bring their dog to work, and now have two things to focus on throughout their day. I don't believe people would be able to concentrate on their task when they have a pet they're having to also give attention to. This would cause your…

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  • Pit Bull Monologue

    I remember it like it was yesterday, I was about Eleven or Twelve years old. What had started out as a great day took a turn for the worst. My brother, Bobby, was moving to San Diego and had decided to take our pit bull red with him. My mother, my step-dad and myself were all against him taking red but he was really my brothers dog so we couldn’t tell him not to. We all really loved that dog, to us he was part of the family. It was going well for the first couple days, it was hard getting used…

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  • Pit Bull Reputation Essay

    picture. People are afraid of pit-bulls because of their reputation as fighting dogs. The only thing that they see is the strong looking dog and its lockjaw. In fact pit-bulls have been great family dogs for a very long time. Pit-bulls should be allowed as pets because they can be cared for like any other dog, they are loving companions, and they don’t deserve their poor reputation. To start off, pit bulls are just like any other breed of dog. Just like other dogs if pit bulls are ignored by…

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  • Call Of The Wild Vs White Fang Essay

    “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” —Roger Caras. The dogs Buck from “The Call of the Wild” and White Fang from “White Fang” are similar and different in several ways. At the beginning of the books, they are similar and different in multiple ways. For example, They are both half breeds, Buck is half Saint Bernard and half Scottish Shepherd, but White Fang is half Husky and half Wolf. Another similarity is that they both get “stolen”, Buck is stolen by Manuel and is…

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