Dog Sledding History

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Mark Twain once said, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, is the size of the fight in the dog.” (Mark Twain) Sled dogs do far beyond of what we expect; they fight and push themselves throughout their lives to keep going. Modern day dog sledding is known by the heritage of dogs pulling a rope with some heavy equipment on the back, dog sledding also consists of strength, intelligence, and stability for people and dogs to maneuver such thing. While people still use dog sledding as a reliable transport in snowy climates, dog sledding still remains popular in certain circles and continues to be a celebrated part of the northern wilderness culture. Today, dog sledding is most often seen as a competition sport though there are still …show more content…
After them are the swing dogs who ensure that the team follow the turns initiated by the lead dogs, then there’s the team dogs who pull the sled and help maintain speed, and finally the wheel dogs, they are the strongest ones of the team, they play the crucial role of pulling and steering the sled. Every team needs an accurate driver (musher) with enough experience for them to maneuver a sled. (Kelly, Kevin) For a driver to properly drive a sled, they need the right harnesses and basket sled. If for some reason they are not accurately built, the whole sled could go down. The right compartment of the sled has to be made of solid wood and they have to be lighter than a toboggan so they can be more maneuverable while driving it. Dog sledding is a thing of the past that we continue to hold on because of what it represents, and it will continue as long as we still have a close relationship with dogs. Today dog sledding is mostly used for sport events and recreational purpose. Dog sledding is a part of a rich heritage and it seems the tradition will go a long way. The deep love of human and the sled dogs towards each other have made the arctic region a place of life. That’s one of the reasons why dog sledding is still one of the most loving pastimes of our

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