Call Of The Wild Theme Essay

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In Jack London's classic novel The Call of the Wild, a major theme is life is kill or be killed. In the beginning of the book, Buck learns the “Law of Fang”. For example, Curly a member of the dogsled team loses a fight with the huskies. If you get knocked off your feet you get swarmed by other huskies and they will kill you and eat you. Since Buck learned that rule he will be prepared.Second, Spitz begins to harass Buck while there are a pack of starving huskies around. For example, Spitzs attacks Buck in front on the huskies but Buck escapes. Since Buck is trying to not be killed and spitzs is trying to kill Buck this is an example of the theme. Last, Better watch your back or you will die. For example Spitzs is always trying to kill Buck. In the middle of the book the theme is life is kill or be killed. First, you have to get rid of the bad members of the dog sled team. For example, the Scottish half-breed had to put down Dave because he was hurt. Since Dave got killed for pulling his hardness and getting hurt this shows the theme. Second, everyone's glad that it wasn't them to die. For instance when Dave died everyone on the team was happy that it wasn't them to die. Since this shows that you either get killed or stay alive it proves that kill or be killed is the right theme. Last, you …show more content…
First, danger is always around the corner. For example, Buck senses danger and refuses to go on John Thornton comes and saves Buck, Hal continues on and breaks through the ice and drowns and dies. Since, this shows all the dangerous choices you have to make it shows the theme. Second never strike a dog's owner. For instance, Buck almost kills Black Burton for hitting John Thornton. Since Black hit John he learns fast to stop or he will get killed. Last, living in the wild can be dangerous. For example, Buck comes to a bull moose and has to kill it. Since Buck was risking his life to kill the moose this shows the

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