American Pit Bull Terrier

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  • Dog Separation Anxiety Research Paper

    What to do with a dog that has separation anxiety? Separation anxiety may just be only two words, however, its effect is tremendously serious especially when it comes to your canines. Dogs become hyperactive and even destructive. You may think of it as lack of exercise, which made them result to releasing their energies in a negative way, or simply a lack of good dog manners. But this hyperactive and destructive characteristics is because your dog feels anxious when you are not around. If you…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Pitbulls Should Be Banned

    ban a pit bull because it’s a bigger dog breed then a basset hound . They are bigger then most dogs so many people are afraid of them then a basset hound that wants to chew your foot off then a pit bull that wants to play with you. Most pit bulls are muscular but actually their really sweet and fun to play with. So that’s the mane reason that people want to banned the dog breed because they are afraid of big dogs. Plus many people think that it isn't right to banned a dog breed like the pit bull…

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  • Pitbulls Should Be Banned Essay

    Name: Title: Institutions Should pitbulls be banned from being owned? Thesis: Pit bulls are extremely individuals situated dogs, however with different mutts and little hairy animals, it is an altogether different story. Pit bulls have been known not youngsters, the elderly, and their proprietors –anybody that happens to be in their way. In the event that the puppy feels incited or startled, it has been known not. Numerous owners swear that their pet would never assault them; then again, this…

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  • Bls Should Be Banned Essay

    citizen are against the ban. The best way to reverse the ban is to educate people of the true nature of the pit bull and how if they are raised correctly they can grow up to be the kind, loyal, and child-friendly dogs they are breed to be. Instead of the dangerous, murderous, bloodthirsty animals that society wrongfully claims they are. Pit bulls were once the staple dog of the American family and once heralded as America’s Dogs. These dogs have sadly fallen out of America's good graces…

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  • Why We Shouldn T Pit Bulls Be Banned

    if your pet was banned? Pit bulls are a type of dog, that could be banned. Pit bulls are known to be a dangerous breed of dogs. Many people are afraid of Pit-bulls,on the contrary some people think that pit bulls are an excellent breed of dogs. Pit-bulls should not be banned. One reason pit bulls should not be banned is that they are not that threatening. An example of this is that Pit-bull attacks are sometimes over reported by the media. In The Media and the Pit-bull the article states,”they…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Dog Abuse

    If your dog bites someone, is it reasonable to expect that the incident won't cause a lawsuit? Decades ago, the answer might have been a no, if the victim's injuries weren't severe. Today however, dog aggression that causes a fatality or grisly mutilation gets a lot of media coverage. The Internet is full of photos, videos, and personal accounts of these attacks. This high visibility and ready access to law firm websites specializing in dog bites increases your liability risk should your dog…

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  • Cattle Dog Breed

    extremely dominating in attributes and also require excess exercising to remain in shape and energetic. They are likewise extremely arranged as well as obedient, that is why they were stated the victor of Obedience Competitors Championship by the American Kennel Club. Find out more about Australian Cattle Dog. Australian Cattle Dog Breeds Past history…

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  • The Champions Film Analysis

    The dog movie “The Champions” I found to be a touching and profoundly dramatic film about the pit bulls rescued from the brutal fighting ring of former Atlanta Falcon’s star quarterback Michael Vick. It chronicled those brave individuals that risk it all to save them, overcoming much pressure from PETA and the Humane Society to euthanize them. The film successfully exposed the prejudice and much misunderstanding while slowly eradicating the myths surrounding this breed. The documentary unfolds…

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  • Why Do Dogs Kill Persuasive Essay

    “Any dog, you put them in a corner, no matter if they’re vicious or not they going to bite back”. There have been multiple people bit and some even with severe wounds and bit marks from dogs biting them. Dogs should not be executed for biting some one because some one could have provoked them or they were feeling threatened. It may not have been their fault that they bit that person in the first place. Also biting for dogs is the one thing that they have to defend themselves. If a dog bites…

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  • Essay On Vizsla

    the domesticated breed of dogs which have large or big sizes. The Bull Mastiffs was developed originally by 19th century to be guard dogs which share the same personality to molosser dogs. This breed of dog was the result of combining the Old English Bulldog and English Mastiff. Bull Mastiffs are known to be dogs that hardly ever bark and are quiet. 6. Vizsla I don’t know why other people often get confused this dog breed to a pit bull but this breed is too lovable. The Vizsla Breed of dog is…

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