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  • Irish Terrier Essay

    IRISH TERRIER ORIGIN AND HISTORY The Irish terrier is one of the older terrier breeds. Its solid red coat and long, sleek body distinguish it from other terriers. Earlier Irish terriers were black and tan, grey and brindle with the solid reds appearing at the end of the 19th century. In 1879 Champions Erin and Kilney Boy appeared at a show in Glasgow and are considered the mother and father of the breed. During that era the Irish terrier was one of the most popular breeds both in England and…

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  • Monkey Terrier Research Paper

    also known as the Monkey Terrier, is a terrier-like toy breed of dog. They are hypoallergenic. Their life span 12-14 years. Their mass varry from 2.9 to 6 kg as adults. Their height varry from 23-30 cm. Affenpinscher's are playful, fun-loving, adventurous, curious, stubborn and active. Affenpinscher are mostly found in Black, Belge, Red, Grey, Tan, Silver colours. Affenpinschers have a distinct appearance that some associate with terriers. They are different from terriers, however, in that they…

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  • Dogfighting Circles

    The United States Humane Society estimates that more than 40,000 people across the country buy and sell fighting dogs and are involved in dogfighting activities. But authorities say those in dogfighting circles also are involved in a number of other crimes, including narcotics trafficking, illegal gambling and murder.[25] In August 2006, a suspected dog fighter in Texas bled to death after he was shot by intruders who apparently intended to torture him into revealing where he had hidden…

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  • Personality Traits Of A Dog

    Do you have dogs? A dog’s personality trait is who a dog is, like a dog that is cute and a dog that is cuddly all dogs are different shapes and sizes, like a dog could be short and fat. Some dogs have jobs like a hospital dog goes to different hospitals and let the kids play with him to make the kids feel better where they are not so down. Let's take a look at sizes, personality traits, and jobs for dogs.Did you know a dog's personality trait is who a dog is. There are some dogs that can be…

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  • Persuasive Essay: The Banning Of Pitbulls

    progressively fallen prey to more dog attacks, mostly in part to Pit bulls. Many people, galvanized by these circumstances, are calling for a solution. Although countless citizens feel the necessity to reduce the number of dog attacks by banning Pit bulls, all Pit bulls should receive an opportunity to live considering the behavioral influence by their environment, benignity, and their beneficial…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Community Engagement Project

    To me this volunteer work played what I thought was part of my social responsibility to try to take care of some of the animals that I can. Especially, the dogs more specifically the Pit bull breed. I have two dogs myself and neither of them are Pits (I have a Lab and Jack Russel). I always liked the Pit breed ever since I was a little kid. I feel like they are mistreated, neglected, and get a bad reputation. They are abandoned a lot of the time or shunned from society reasoning being I don’t…

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  • Informative Essay About Dogs

    Just in America, approximately 42.5 million households own at least one dog. It is no surprise dogs are so popular. Dogs are loved by people, and dogs show that love in return. Some people may like dogs because of the breed, or maybe have a job for them to do, but others might simply like a dog’s personality! There are many types of dog breeds, and all of them have different skills. Some dogs may have a good nose, and other dogs may be fantastic listeners. Dog breeds don’t just have good…

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  • Should People Be Allowed To Keep Pitbulls Essay

    keep Pit Bulls Imagine if someone said that you were too violent to be around even though you never hurt a fly. Welcome to the daily life of America’s most misjudged dog, the pit bull. Pit bulls have a bad reputation because of the types of people who own them and how they are raised. Even though pit bull attack rates are much higher than other breeds does not mean banning them is the answer. A dog is never born mean, the attitude of the dog depends on their owner. So banning pit bulls from…

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  • Should Pitbulls Be Banned

    Sites 7 May, 2016 Pit Bulls Are Not Dangerous and Should Be Aloud as Pets There is a worldwide debate on whether or not pit bulls should have a law banning them, but the facts go to show that pit bulls are extremely loyal, protective, and well behaved household pets that are good with children and other animals. In the United States today there are approximately five million registered pit bulls (Pit Bulls: Dog Breed Discrimination). However, most people do not know that pit bulls are considered…

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  • Pitbull Speech

    Dos! Tres! Dale! Mention the words “Pit Bull,” and an intense debate will almost inevitably follow. There are numbers of myths about pitbulls which people actually believes. These myths and stereotypes are not based on scientific evidence or facts but are instead based on a lack of knowledge about the breeds (or dogs in general), fear of the unknown, or deliberate bias and misinformation. Myths that are all bark and no bite. — Pit bulls have locking jaws — Pit bulls are known for their wide…

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