American Pit Bull Terrier

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  • Pitbulls Are Good Pets With Love

    Pit bulls are good pets Slurp slurp, the Pitbull licks his family with lots of love. Pitbull's are so loving that some can't even become a bodyguard! Pit bulls will protect their owner from harm, they are very loving, and are good with children. To start off, Pit bulls are very loving. A Pitbull with love it's family and or owners with all of its heart. According to canine candor, if Pitbull's are raised in a loving family, they will be loving right back. Most of the mean Pitbull's are from…

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  • Dog Sledding History

    Mark Twain once said, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, is the size of the fight in the dog.” (Mark Twain) Sled dogs do far beyond of what we expect; they fight and push themselves throughout their lives to keep going. Modern day dog sledding is known by the heritage of dogs pulling a rope with some heavy equipment on the back, dog sledding also consists of strength, intelligence, and stability for people and dogs to maneuver such thing. While people still use dog sledding as a…

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  • Bullmastiff Research Paper

    The bullmastiff originates in england during the 1860’s. A cross breed between a mastiff and an english bulldog. They are large creatures with a wrinkly nose and a slobbery mouth. They frequently snort, snore, slobber and show flatulence. All bullmastiffs are prone to having bad breath. Their coats can be fawn, red, or brindle. Most bullmastiff’s possess a black mask on their nose. Some have white markings on their chest. When they run slobber flies everywhere. Bullmastiffs are usually docile…

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  • Pit Bulls: The American Dog

    Pit Bulls are considered “The American Dog”. They have changed the way many Americans view dogs, but not only dogs the specific breed pit bulls. Many people only see them as mean, dangerous animals. They blame the dogs’ behavior based on the few pit bulls they see on the news for “attacking” someone. Pit bulls are not naturally mean-natured dogs. There have been multiple studies done on pit bulls to prove that they are not a danger to our society. Particularly, after reading the article The…

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  • Pitbulls Should Be Banned

    A fond family pet and a loyal working dog, the pit bull is a loving animal, known for its loyalty and valor. However, it has recently gotten a bad reputation, namely because of several accidents. In more modern times, pit bulls have been assumed dangerous and vicious. They have been avoided and several laws have been made against them, almost to the point where people are not allowed to keep pit bulls as pets. The truth, though, often is that many of them are affectionate dogs that deserve…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Euthanizing

    The Pit Bull is one of them. Pit Bulls have a really bad reputation. What is the reason they have a reputation? The reasons is because many people train them to become fighting dogs. Then if they ever have puppies they then have the instinct to fight. Then these dogs are being trained they have not contact with people except the trainer. The trainer or the owner has another dog that is put in a pen with the Pit Bull, however the Pit Bull is put on a thin chain and just…

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  • Survivors The Empty City Book Report

    MY BOOK REPORT: SURVIVORS: THE EMPTY CITY Introduction In this book I will talk about the book Survivors: The Empty city. This book is the first book in the series Survivors by Erin Hunter. Survivors is a fictional type of series. Survivors: The Empty City is about a lone dog named Lucky. Lucky is an independent type of dog and is used to thinking that he could do everything himself. Until the Big Growl, a big earthquake that happened and destroyed almost everything and everyone in its…

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  • Dangerous Dogs In The United States

    The third most dangerous dog in the United States would be the boxer a tall, short muzzled breed. The Rottweiler is considered the second most dangerous dog in the country, a shorter breed with a short muzzle and a very muscular body . Leaving pit bulls at number one in the country another very muscular, short muzzled dog breed that is also very short. All three of these breed are responsible for more than half of the dog attacks in the united states. There is absolutely no need for these types…

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  • Villalobos Research Paper

    dog, the world will change forever." Villalobos is a rescue center with a goal to save all pit bulls until there is no more. Villalobos is located in New Orleans and originally created in Los Angeles. This rescue center is home to more than 100 dogs and can reach up to 300 at points. The non-profit organization also gives the opportunity of jobs for parolees. Villalobos Rescue Center is a non-profit pit bull rescue that you should raise awareness and money for, because they rescue dogs for…

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  • Research Paper On Pitbulls

    There are some people who claims that pitbulls are a vicious breed; however, I would like to say that pitbulls are not a vicious breed. And here are the few reasons why I think pitbulls are not a vicious breed. Some people would agree that pitbulls are nice and caring because it is all on how you raise them. You cannot expect to treat a dog like it is piece of trash, and expect the pitbull to behave and follow orders. That is like yelling at a toddler to stop crying, do you think they are…

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