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  • The Importance Of Football Helmet

    Properly fitting helmets can also make a huge difference when it comes to the prevention of concussions. The right helmet can do a lot for you and can significantly reduce how much your head may shake when it is rattled up. According to the American Academy of Neurology, helmets are actually doing little to protect side head hits and rotational force. The AAN conducted several tests to compare brands of football helmets and what kind of force they can encounter. The studies were drop tests with…

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  • Jim Crow Laws In The Harlem Renaissance

    insightful writers and artists for African Americans in the United States. These writers and artists helped influence African Americans achieve acceptance and continue the progress to help them become accepted into society. During the 1880s, the legalization of segregation laws created inequality for African Americans; however, in the early 1900s, both Aaron Douglas, an artist, and W.E.B Du Bois, a public speaker, advocated for change for African Americans. It would not be until the 1930s when…

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  • A New Day For Maggie And Mama

    A New Day for Maggie and Mama In “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker, there is a sense of tradition that permeates the story. The author describes Mama, an uneducated, widow, with “man-working hands” (Walker 394) who, with the help of her church, was able to raise funds to send her daughter Dee to college. Towards the conclusion of the story, Dee tells her little sister Maggie, “It’s really a new day for us. But from the way you and Mama live you’d never know it” (401). Dee obviously has been…

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  • The Origins Of American Football

    From the Crowd to the Sideline The history of American football comes from the roots of rugby football and association football. The origin of these games can be traced back to Britain, where they were prevalent in the mid-19th century. In 1869, the first American game was played in New Brunswick, New Jersey, the New Jersey Tigers vs the Rutgers Queensmen. The Tigers lost their stripes to the Queensmen 4-6 in a cage match. I was six years old when I went to my first football game with my uncle.…

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  • The Theme Of Beauty In Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye

    's message of beauty is related to society 's perception and acceptance of white culture and its impact on African Americans that causes them to question their self worth in a racist society; the author demonstrates these concepts through, direct characterization, symbols, and various point of views that highlight the serious problem of psychological oppression on young African American children in which racism impacts their self perception of their beauty by society 's limited standard of white…

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  • The Differentification Of Settlements In The Chesapeake And New England's Century

    During the mid 1500’s, England’s population completely proliferated. Europe, as a whole, underwent the process of enclosure. This meant land was being fenced in for the use of farming, causing the poor to be left with little to no land at all. Areas of England were also struggling economically, leaving a mass amount of the British population to lose their jobs. With the loss of jobs and lost hope of acquiring any land, the British set their sights on the New World. Many journeyed across the…

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  • Examples Of Civil Rights In To Kill A Mockingbird

    mindsets. The Civil Right’s movement was occurring; people all over the country were beginning to see African Americans as humans instead of property. They were beginning to immerse into the general population. Segregation was finally coming to an end. However, some people were still unwilling to believe that African Americans should be tolerated as equally as Caucasians. Judgment of African Americans was still very prominent despite the steps that our nation was taking to merge them into our…

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  • Fifth Chinese Daughter Analysis

    author faced as a Chinese-American. Born in America, yet raised Chinese, Wong began to form her identity in the middle of this cultural clash. On one hand, Wong witnessed the promotion of individuality from American families, on the other her family taught her individuality is less important than the family as a whole. Various cultural factors pushed and pulled Wong throughout her life – some she embraced, some she fought – which allowed her to form her own unique Chinese-American identity. The…

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  • Why The American Revolution Was Necessary For Independence?

    The American Revolution necessary for independence and freedom according to the Americans. The reasons as to why they needed to leave the British empire was indeed necessary, but did it really fix anything for American? In my opinion “The American Revolution” was not very revolutionary for the U.S and the citizens. The U.S. was in debt, no rights changed for women and slaves, and U.S. was not united after the Revolution so nothing really changed for the Americans after the war. The war began…

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  • Sulla's Death In Sula, By Toni Morrison

    The roles of black women in this novel are complex. They are wives, mothers, daughters and female friends. They struggle to seek their identities in the black community, and in the patriarchal American society. For example, the protagonists, Nel and Sula, take different approaches to define themselves. They learn about the oppression in very young age, note, “they were neither white nor male, and that all freedom and triumph was forbidden to them…

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