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    Korean Airline Flight 007 Crash puts USA on Edge Introductory Paragraph Hours after the flight was delayed indefinitely, the South Korean minister’s announcement of the successful landing of Korean Airlines Flight 007 was met with a strong sense of resounding joy from people waiting for it. (Gorman 1659) Unfortunately, this statement was slowly unravelled, and after many waves of bad news, disappointments, and flawed conspiracies proved that the plane and its passengers had been shot down by the USSR. (Gorman 1659) What had taken place was that a plane filled with 269 people passengers had strayed over to Soviet air space, was tracked by a Soviet pilot, and was shot down after he had tracked the plane for over two hours, despite multiple warnings. (Hughes) With everything that happened around that fateful flight, the world’s varying reactions, and the multiple conspiracy theories surrounding the plane, the whole world saw, in all actuality, what the USSR really did, and how utterly barbaric their actions were. Supporting Body Paragraph 1: The Event Though the plane flight was a fateful one, it didn’t end as simply as the USSR shooting it down and the world scolding their actions. The event itself was commonly researched by many, but was not completely agreed upon until years later, despite a mess of debunked conspiracy theories that tried to put the US at fault. (Gorman 1659) Originally, while no one immediately realized how the plane went off course, people knew…

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