The American Revolution: How Did America Start Their Rebellion Against Great Britain

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Jesse Everhart
Mrs. Blomme
Honors I
28 September 2014
American Revolution

Did you know that America started their rebellion against Great Britain over taxes of things such as sugar and salt? Even though it might be hard for some to believe, it is surprisingly and matter-of-factly true. In this essay, topics such as how the American Revolution started and how it was fought will be explained. The American Revolution started in 1775 with the overpowered army of Great Britain pitted against the measly just made rag-tag american rebels. Before this war even began, everyone was already agreeing that Britain would win this small rebellion with a flick of their wrists and life would continue on in the newly established country of America (SparkNotes
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This act shutdown the Boston Harbor until the British could completely pay back British East India Company for all of the tea that was destroyed in the Boston Tea Party rebellion (History Channel). After this act, Parliament also passed the Quebec Act, which granted even more rights to French Canadian Catholics, and extended French Canadian territory into New York and Pennsylvania (SparkNotes Editor). After all these were established, colonists protested by gathering prominent leaders and convened the First Continental Congress in 1774 and petitioned once again against Parliament and King George III to repeal these acts to restore good faith in each other once again (History Channel). The colonists also wanted to boycott all British goods from entering into American which may cause friction among the two people (SparkNotes …show more content…
The congress chose a man by the name of George Washington to lead a group of militiamen against the besieging of colonists located in Boston from British troops. The congress also formed the money to make a small navy and help train militiamen so that they could be a trained force and come to be known as the first Continental Army. Battles underwent between the two forces and were named such as Bunker Hill and the Battle of Saratoga. Most of these battles were won narrowly by the British and were fought with blood, sweat, and tears (History Channel).The citizens of America were soon victorious against the country of Great Britain and were finally free of their tyrannical reign. Once the Americans won the rebellion and came to call themselves the United States, they were living a life without the cowardly British breathing down their backs and established a democracy with a new way of running things. One difference was instead of having a king, the Americans decided on the idea of a President, which is where the first and only unanimously voted President was the man who lead the revolt against Great Britain, George Washington (History Channel). The Americans soon prospered as their own country and were very successful in their near

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