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  • Native Son Naturalism Essay

    viewpoint is Richard Wright. Wright’s naturalistic novel Native Son displays the life of a poor African-American boy named Bigger living in Chicago. Bigger’s impoverished life introduces the naturalism present in Native Son in many ways. Throughout Bigger’s life, he has grown up in the black housing community which is all clumped in a small part of Chicago. This grouping of African-Americans creates a very poverty-stricken environment where goods and housing are overpriced and no black…

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  • Freedom Flyer By Tuskegee Airmen During World War II

    Freedom Flyer is a Non-fiction book about the Tuskegee Airmen during World War II. The book takes place during a time where slavery, racial discrimination was common. The book starts with an African American man named Wilson Vashon Eagleson, since he was little he dreamed of riding an aircraft. But this would be impossible and as he grew older he would understand that his color skin took a huge role in this. The AAC was an elite squad of a white men air pilot who made a mark in history. One of…

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  • Bronzeville Description

    Harold Washington Cultural Center is one of its newer and more famous building. History and Background According to the Bronzeville Area Resident’s and Commerce Council, the great migration of the early 1900’s from the South brought many African- Americans…

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  • Famous People 1920s

    Famous People in the 1920s Douglas Fairbanks - He was an American screenwriter, producer, and actor. He starred in many silent films, such as “Robin Hood” and “The Mark of Zorro”. He was a founding member of The Motion Picture Academy and was the host of the Oscars in 1929 (the first). he was often referred to as “The King of Hollywood”, but his career declined after talking was introduced to movies. Charles Lindbergh - An American pilot who flew the first solo , non-stop flight from New York…

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  • Ellen Degeneres: The American Dream

    The American Dream is a window of opportunity to improve and grow an individual lives from equal opportunity, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. The American Dream has been around for many decades but was evolved through each decade. This term has always driven people to be better and earn more. The idea is that an individual can become something big, something important. An individual will gain this American Dream through equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard…

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  • Gronimo's Geronimo: A True American

    Geronimo: A True American The brave Bedonkohe Apache leader Geronimo was able to accomplish many astonishing feats before he died at the age of seventy-nine in 1909. Some of these achievements include continuing his journey of bettering the lives of his people despite his own family being murdered when he was only twenty-nine (27). Geronimo fully embodies the hard-working and no excuses attitude that many Americans strive for. Geronimo in many ways possesses the same moral code and ideas that…

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  • Prejudice And Racial Discrimination In Richard Wright's Native Son

    Introduction: The issue of White-supermacy has been the major problem in the history of United States.It is started from the Era of slavery,the most sensitive Era for African-Americans.Superiority and inferiority are the two opposite words that always has been used together.As if one is superior in rank,colour,nation then he considers others inferior because of his rank and race.And the one who is superior governs over the inferior or suppressed.In America,White community govern over the Black…

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  • My Vietnamese Identity

    my desire for an American one. I wanted nothing to do with being Vietnamese or Asian because all that it had brought me was a sense of inferiority and constant bullying. My desire to suppress my Vietnamese identity brings up a point that is brought up by Ms. Mori, the protagonist’s friend with benefits. During one of their conversations, she asks, “So why are we supposed to not forget our culture? Isn’t my culture right here since I was born here?” (73). She is a Japanese American who has…

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  • Male Dominance In Blues Literature

    various worksongs and spirituals sung by displaced Africans during the American slavery period. Black writers soon expressed the blues emotion through blues literature. Famous novels such as Richard Wright 's Native Son (1940), Gayl Jones ' Corregidora (1974), and Toni Morrison 's Jazz helped to put blues literature on the map for all to receive a taste of the black struggle. A blues novel can be defined by a African-American protagonist who is negatively affected by the effects of ancestors and…

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  • American Red Cross Mobile Hospital Analysis

    are well; I know I am. As of now, the American Red Cross has assigned me to a mobile hospital (Mobile Hospital No. 1) in Coulommiers, a commune located in the Seine-et-Marne department. Here, we treat the men who’ve been severely injured in the battle at Belleau Wood. Both professional nurses and volunteers work together here to minimize casualties. We all hope to greatly reduce the devastating impacts of war, although the frequent visits from Boche aviators make that a bit difficult for us. Now…

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