Informative Speech Outline On Amelia Earhart

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Amelia Earhart

Specific purpose: To inform my SPC-112-W003 class on Amelia Earhart’s wonderful accomplishments and life events.

Central idea: Amelia Earhart was more than just an aviator she was a record breaker who was full of courage.

I. Introduction
a. Attention-getter: Amelia purchased her first airplane within six months of having her first flying lesson, which is very unusual because people don’t purchase their first plane until they have completed their lessons.
b. Credibility material: Having such success she inspired Eleanor Roosevelt to sign up for flying lessons.
c. Relevance to audience: Amelia accomplished many “firsts” in her life time which inspires many aviators today and even people who don’t fly. She once said “You
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Preview of speech: I would like to explain the importance and the events of Amelia Earhart.
e. Thesis statement: Amelia Earhart achieved many things as a woman back in the 20’s-30’s and she set records that people would have never
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Amelia was asked to do a flight over the Atlantic Ocean with an accompanist, Wilmer Stultz, as a passenger.
2. After departing from Newfoundland, Canada she arrived in Wales 20 hours and 40 minutes later, making her the first woman to fly across the Atlantic.
3. Amelia did not pilot the flight since she had no training and addressed the public saying “Stultz did all the flying-had to. I was just baggage, like a sack of potatoes. Maybe someday I’ll try it alone.”
Amelia Earhart was a woman who accomplished a lot of “Firsts.”
c. Amelia, now gaining fame and getting nicknames like “Queen of the Air” and “Lady Lindy”, is preparing to take on the plane on her own and set records.
i. Records were meant to be broken, knowing this, Amelia was on her way to becoming the most famous female flying of all time.
1. Amelia set a women’s altitude world record by flying to a height of 14,000 feet in 1921.
2. She set an autogyro altitude record by taking it to 18,415 ft.
3. Amelia was breaking records left and right, being the first person to fly the Atlantic twice. ii. Tragedy then hit when Amelia left for what is known as her “Last Flight”.
1. She decided to attempt to fly around the world with navigator, Fred

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