Women's Role In Aviation

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Women in aviation take an important role in women’s respect in the world. Amelia Earhart and Blanche Stuart Scott are two significant people who take part in women’s history of aviation. Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Blanche Stuart Scott was the first woman to do a long distance flight and when she retired from flying she wrote and produced for the big five studios of Hollywood's golden age.
Women’s role in aviation has been difficult for some but often easy for others. Women in the early 1900s struggled getting the respect from men that they needed to fulfill their love for flying. According to the website historynet, Will Rogers, a movie star and aviator said, “It looks like a powder-puff derby to me” about the biggest women’s air race.
There are a few women who started to receive respect from men because they were
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Earhart enrolled in a Red Cross First Aid program and she became a nurse’s aide and helped with wounded soldiers in Toronto, Canada. According to biography.com, many of the wounded soldiers were pilots, so she became to have a strong appreciation for the aviators. She spent a year at Columbia University in New York to fulfill her interest in medical studies. Amelia then moved to California, in 1920, because parents insisted she come home. She was a passenger on a plane at an airshow and when she landed she was inspired to take an interest in flying. Earhart worked at a variety of jobs to earn money for flying lesson. When she earned the money she needed, she took lessons from pioneer female aviator Anita ‘Neta’ Snook. Amelia became very determined to make, the more advanced pilots think she was serious about flying, so she cut her hair short and slept in her new leather jacket for three nights to make it more of a worn looked jacket. She spent most of her time at the airfield and read anything she could find about flying. She soon received her piloting license on May 15, 1923, according to

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