Sports History In The 1910s

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Sports History in 1910s

Many things were happening in the 1910s. Many sports were becoming popular. Baseball was popular. Hockey was becoming known. Basketball was just starting out and becoming more and more popular every day. Some were even being created and played for the first time.
This paper will talk about sports in the 1910s. First we will talk about the Olympic Games in the 1910s. Then we will talk about significant events in sports history. Next we will discuss new records set. Lastly we will discuss medicine used in sports at the time.

Olympic Games
While these games weren’t the first olympic games since Roman times. They were officially opened by King Gustaf V ( These games were held in Stockholm in 1912
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Many countries competed for the first time. Japan competed, becoming the first Asian country to compete in the olympics. Alongside Japan, Egypt, Serbia, and Iceland also competed for the first time.

Significant Sporting Events As They Relate To Culture: Many things happened in the sports world in the 1910s. Baseball was very popular around this time. The attendance rate at the games was really high throughout the 1910s.
Hockey was also becoming popular. This was a significant event because hockey is still played/popular today. All of the sports or games being played were significant because they shaped how our society plays/follows sports.

Hockey, curling, and lacrosse were really big in Canada. But most people focused on Hockey. Hockey games had huge audiences and over 1.4 million people played it (

A famous athlete at the time was Babe Ruth. Throughout the decade he hit the most home runs in a season. Jack Johnson and Walter Johnson were some other famous athletes around the time.

New Records Set:
There were many records set in the 1910s. While we won’t have time to talk about all of them, we will talk about a
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The Montreal Wanderers won the Stanley Cup. Harvard won the NCAA football championship. There was the first national fishing championship ( There was the first national swimming championship as well.
There was a woman named Katherine Stinson who became the first woman to be able to do multiple loops while flying a plane. Harriet Quimby became the first person to fly over English Channel ( Baroness Raymonde de Laroche passed her qualifying test coming the first woman ever to be issued a pilot’s license.

New Advances In Sports: Hunting Game became very popular. North America would hunt big game.
Board games were also popular. Some games that were created around that time were Pit, Rook, Sorry, and Snakes And Ladders ( During this decade there was a change made to football. They changed the rules so people could throw forward passes. This rule is still active today. Football was very popular (Encyclopedia).

Informal gambling also became popular during this time. In America it was common to bet on things like horse racing. But in Canada, a lot of people would informally bet on hockey (


While there is not much about medicine used in the 1910's there are some things that talk about steroid usage in that

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