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  • Drones Regulations

    On Aug. 29, drone regulations changed for everyone in the US when the Federal Aviation Administration regulation titled Part 107 took effect. These new rules made it easier for businesses to use drones but also regulated some aspects of drone usage by the public. These rules are fairly simple and easy to understand. The majority of drone hobbyists will only be required to follow a few extra guidelines. Drones Must Fly Below 400 Feet While technically the FAA had rules against flying above 400…

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  • Elsie Macgill: The 'Mother Of Hurricanes'

    In the 1940’s, seeing a woman with a degree was an amazing sight, but having a degree in a field that was overrun by men, that was unheard of, at least, until Elsie MacGill came along. Elsie MacGill was the first woman to get a degree in aeronautical engineering, and she graduated from the University Of Toronto, the University Of Michigan, and the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology with her bachelors degree. Many people believe that she was recognized for her accomplishments, though others…

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  • Essay On Amelia's Fantastic Flight

    Amelia’s Fantastic Flight, written by Rose Bursik is intended for children ages 4-7 was published March 15, 1994. Amelia’s Fantastic Flight is 32-page paperback story that tells of a young girl named Amelia (Earhart) who loved airplanes so much, that she built one. Then, she used the airplane to fly to 15 different countries such as Brazil, Kenya, Egypt, France, Finland, Russia and India all before time for dinner. Bursik paired fun alliterations regarding the countries Amelia visited including…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Female Aviation Pilot

    There was no defining moment that got me hooked on flying. Maybe it is because my dad is a captain for Alaska Airlines or because my parents had me flying around the country on my own as soon as I could walk and talk. I do know one thing, on the Sunday morning of my first flight lesson, I was so excited for the journey I was about to embark upon. I promised myself that I would not get my hopes up, but once I was in the air, the feeling was indescribable. When my dad asked how it was, I had the…

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  • Amelia Earhart: Flying Over The Atlantic

    Amelia Earhart women of mystery!!Amelia Earhart one of the greatest women in the world, flew over the Atlantic, but how did she die? She was adored all over the world but no one in the world really knew what happened to Amelia Earhart.Amelia Earhart flew over the Atlantic,but somehow landed on an island in the pacific: and finally, the investigators found 13 bones that were too large for a European women. Amelia Earhart was the first women who flew over the Atlantic.She studied very hard to…

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  • Informative Essay On Skydiving

    Want a way to truly remember your Hawaiian vacation? Tandem skydiving with Pacific Skydiving Center is the perfect way to experience the awesome feeling of flight and view Waialua from a once-in-a-lifetime angle. First time skydiving is a thrilling experience but understandably beginners can get a little nervous. Here are a few questions skydivers making the jump for the first time tend to have for the instructors at Pacific Skydiving Center about tandem skydiving: What Is Tandem Skydiving?:…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As An Army National Guard

    As an Army National Guard I was determined to do things that would set me apart from others. I started out my career as a Quartermaster Chemical Equipment Repairer and then converting over to a Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic. I was the only female mechanic in my company. My older brother was a Sergeant First Class in my Company and he always pushed me to do different things. He knew how much I hated the stigma of “Females are not equal to Males’, in the Army. So one day I was talking to my…

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  • Human Factors In Aviation Essay

    The US Army uses Composite Risk Management (CRM) to mitigate risk for all aspects of training and wartime operations, along with a Risk Assessment Worksheet for aircrews (Headquarters Department of the Army, 2006). While understanding the training aviators go through to evaluate risk, we will look at the stressors of always completing a mission, and the pressure of getting the job done. Problem Statement How do pilots mitigate risk when it relates to human factors? They should look at all of the…

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  • Amelia Earhart's Disappearanance

    Amelia Earhart’s Disappearance Amelia Earhart was a very important woman in history. She was a role model for women and pilots all around the world. But something happened to her that has confused people and scientists for years. “July 2,1937, Amelia Earhart and Fredrick Noonan were reported missing in the Lockheed plane around Howland Island which is in the Pacific Ocean.” (1) What started out as a fun challenge for Earhart and her copilot Noonan turned into the biggest mystery we have ever…

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  • Careers In The Workplace

    In the world, there are many professions that support everyone to get to work. But in the profession, some of them are very popular and everyone wants to work in that profession. In Thailand, a high competition country, there are some of the popular profession which is good and it is a dream job for everyone such as a doctor, engineer, and pilot. And in each line of work, it’s very difficult to get in, we need to prepare ourselves to increase a chance to apply for our dream jobs. Therefore,…

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