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  • Ecotel Hotel Case Study

    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is my pleasure to thank all those who helped me and made my project work a success. I would like to thank my parents who made this research possible and for extending their moral support and patience. I like to thank the Principal of our Institution, Prof. Parvardhavardhani Gopalakrishnan as well as the Project coordinator, Prof. Y.G. Tharakan, for all the patience and guidance provided to me throughout the dissertation period. I take this opportunity in expressing the…

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  • Scientific Article Analysis Questionnaire

    Joshua K. Westervelt Dr. Fair MCB 4404 11-13-17 Scientific Article Analysis Questionnaire A. Read the abstract to get an overview of the article. B. Read the entire article and write notes from each section (Introduction/ Materials-Methods/ Results/ Discussion). Always refer back to the abstract if you get lost in the main sections of the article. C. Then answer following questions (also see “Explanation of Article Sections” below). ABSTRACT/OVERVIEW QUESTIONS: 1. Who did the research, and…

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  • Uber India Case Study

    BUSINESS MODEL REINVENTION [UBER INDIA] GROUP ECLAIRS C002 Sumita C006 Anish Bhalerao C010 Vasudha Chaudhary C012 Varun Chawla C032 Maya Krishnamurty C054 Harjeet Karan Singh INDEX 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2. INTRODUCTION • CAB SERVICE IN INDIA • COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE • CURRENT STRATEGY 3. BUSINESS MODEL REINVENTION 4. CONCLUSION EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Given the rising urban Indian population and disposal incomes, consumers are opening up to newer experiences. Having the largest…

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  • Indian Mutiny: The Conflict Between East And West

    The conflict between East and West is Exists throughout the ages , sometimes restless and sometimes intense, this essay is examine the main elements of the two clashes of culture and ideology and used for promote and justify the reasons of mythologies the Indian mutiny from different points of view. It's never been like other days, it was a special day in memory ,and it was not expected for a real historical event to turn into a myth remember for decades, Indian Mutiny has its results and…

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  • Summary Of Midnight's Children

    Saleem Sinai, the storyteller of Midnight's Children, opens the novel by clarifying that he was conceived on midnight, August 15, 1947, at the precise minute India picked up its independence from British standard. Presently nearing his thirty-first birthday, Saleem trusts that his body is starting to break and fall apart. Expecting that his demise is impending, he becomes on edge to recount his biography. Padma, his dependable and cherishing buddy, serves as his patient, frequently distrustful…

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  • Anorexia Nervosa And Eating Disorders Analysis

    Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder. It creates a non-healthy obsession in people about what they eat. They may obsess negatively about their weight and might starve or stop eating altogether. Studies conducted in Australia and New Zealand has seen an increased surge in the number of anorexia nervosa patients identified in the youth community. It was seen that almost half of adolescent girls are seen to have practices extreme dieting. They have done induced vomiting and also smoke so as to…

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  • Cultural Influence On Islamic Art

    Islam is a religious faith preached by the Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh). After the Prophet Mohammed's (Pbuh) death, Islam spread exponentially from its place of origin in the Arabian Gulf. The followers of the Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh), who are called Muslims, conquered the whole of the Middle East, as well as central Asia, Spain, North Africa and north and central India. Most of the conquered areas and countries accepted the Islamic religion. Islam is more than just a religion; it is a way of living,…

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  • William Hawkins Character Traits

    William Hawkins was the captain of Hector in the third voyage set forth by the East India Company (1607). Not much is known about his early life except that, he had previously been in the West Indies and that he had been for some time in the Levant and knew Turkish. The only known person of his family is his brother Charles. Hawkins has been called and generally thought to be a professional sailor or a “bluff sea captain” as he was the commander of Hector. However this was not exactly the case…

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  • Child Labour Trade

    Trade and Child Labor Introduction When it comes to the difficulties of children being exploited internationally, the most common stories we hear commonly or publicized commonly are about children being trafficked into commercial sex work. This is clearly an issue that deserves attention. But, less well known and more widespread concern facing children is child labor. According to reports of United Nations, over two hundred million children of age between 7 to 17 years of age are working as…

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  • Short Essay On Mother Teresa

    Mother Teresa is one of the famous people on earth. She was famous because of what she has done and of how many people she has helped. Her real name is Ganxhe Agnes Bojaxhiu but most people call her Agnes. She was born in August 26 1910. She was born and lived in Skopje, is it a small part of Siberia which is now a part of Yugoslavia. She is the third child of the Bojaxhiu family. She has 2 siblings which are her sister Aga and her brother Lazar. Agnes’ father, Kole Bojaxhiu was a wealthy…

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