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  • Case Study Anorexia Nervosa

    (AN) is an eating disorder where a person is overly occupied with their weight and body shape, so much so one has a fear of gaining weight. This article displays a case study of a patient with anorexia nervosa (Jacobi, Hayward, de Zwaan, Kraemer, Agras, 2008). In this case an adolescent female of 16 is presented with anorexia nervosa and mild depression. The patient met the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for anorexia nervosa and is undergoing the various patterns to display an effective solution…

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  • Operant Conditioning Approach

    Operant conditioning is one type of learning behaviour theory that developed by B. F. Skinner in 1938. It is a behaviour designed to people in a way that will gain something desired or avoiding something unpleasant. It is also known as Law of Effect. Furthermore, learning behaviour is controlled by the consequences of the behaviour itself which are reinforcement or punishment. Besides, both consequences have their own positive and negative event which will result new behaviour development in…

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  • Banarsidas: A Role Model For Jains

    Banarsidas was not a good merchant, and for the majority of his life, he was not a good man. His first two wives were not permitted to move in with him for a long time, probably because of his reputation of misbehavior and couldn’t financially provide for himself. In his youth, Banarsidas was more interested in learning and love than having a career, disobeying his father. As a youth, he implied that he contracted a venereal disease and worshiped Hindu gods. Banarsidas was not a role model for…

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  • Walmart Future Research

    Introduction In this extended essay, I will answer the research question “What will be the future of Wal–mart in India?”.Wal-Mart is kind of a retail store that helps everyone around the world. Its mission statement “We save people money so they can live better”. Wal-Mart was open by Sam Walton in 1962; and then Sam Walton and his brother James Walton they first opened Wal-Mart in Arkansas. From that time, in the world Wal-Mart has been the second largest company and has many operations that…

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  • Agricultural Crisis In SSA Case Study

    Agricultural Crisis in SSA: Development constraints and Policy problems (Morgan & Solarz, 1993) Fall in food production due to conflict and drought; limited mechanization; land tenure problems; lack of capital to purchase inputs; lack of government financial support; high taxation of food crops; low food prices; cheap food imports; food aid; world recession; declining agriculture terms of trade Agribusiness in Africa (Dinham & Hines, 1984) Capital intensive and unaffordable to African farmer;…

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  • Importance Of Tourism Essay

    Tourism is the fastest growing industry of the service sector. Tourist spends their time and money, which generate income and employment which is helpful to develop our economy. That’s why it is very important to wellbeing of many countries. Before 1947, no one focused on this industry but at the beginning of this century, tourism was considered as an industry or business. Now government has taken essential or useful steps for promoting tourism because tourism is not only helpful in develop the…

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  • Nitish Kumar's Report Card Case Study

    entitled to give answers to the leaders of a party that showed no sensitivity to the victims of the Kanpur rail accident. While our government cancelled all programmes following the accident, the Prime Minister was busy making a political speech in Agra at the same time,” Tej Pratap says. Senior RJD leader and former minister Jagdanand Singh attempts to answer the opposition but ends up targeting the Chief Minister. According to him, “the state was ruled by touts and agents during the past…

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  • Early Childhood Obesity Essay

    balance” (Reilly). “Experiences during critical periods that increase the risk for obesity are those that lead to a positive energy balance through excess caloric intake, insufficient physical activity, or metabolic changes that affect energy balance” (Agras). Breastfeeding protects infants against later obesity in childhood and also in adults. Owen found that breastfeeding was associated with a reduced risk of obesity later in life, with an odds ratio of 0.78. “However, after considering…

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  • Encouraging Self-Efficacy In Workplace Learning

    2. Entering a random sequence of symbols. 3. Double-slicking chimney icons in a determined sequence (from left to right). They were divided into two groups in terms of feedback. The first one received feedback after every session, and the second one after every fourth session. There were 24 sessions in total. As expected it turned out that immediate feedback really is more effective. The first group performed higher across all 24 sessions. Leitenberg (1968) carried out a different experiment to…

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  • Importance Of Mango Essay

    Mango, the ancient Indian fruit, became Akbar's choice. He is known to have planted an extensive orchard outside Agra. And it was also Jahangir's passion, after whom a variety is named. The Mughal Empire declined but the mango's popularity didn't. We Indians eagerly await throughout the year for MAY since the mango season begins but there are hardly a few who wait…

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