The Eiffel Tower And The Seven Wonders In The World

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1-The Eiffel Tower(Paris)
It built in 1889.The Eiffel Tower (nickname the iron lady) named with it’s engineer.His name is Gustave Eiffel.It built for Expo 1889 Paris Fair.It has became a global icon of France.It’s three hundred meters high and one hundred twenty five meters wide.It is the tallest building in Paris.Every day millions of tourists visit here and see this wonderful structure.
2-The Great Wall of China
Chinese Emperor Si-Huangti constructed the great Wall of the China in B.C(Before Christ) 221.It is 5000 kilometres long.It is ten meters high and eight meters wide.The Chinese Emperor wanted to protect northern borders against the Turkish army.The Great Wall of China is candidate of the ‘Seven Wonders in the World’.The aim of building this Wall is to prevent escapes
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5- Pyramid of Cheops The structure located in te Cario’s capital city of Egypt.Pyramid of Cheops is part of the 7 Wonders of the World.Khufu or the Great Pyramid is other names of it.The tomb built for Egyptian pharaoh Khufu.The consturction of it took twenty years.It covered by stone plates.This stone plates are not available today.The Great Pyramid consists of two temples,a connecting road and small tombs.
6-Mount Rushmore National

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