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  • Geeta Singh Case Study

    Geeta Singh Founder and Managing Director of TYC Communication Geeta Singh is the Founder and Managing Director of TYC Communication, a Delhi-based leading Public Relations (PR) and Digital Marketing agency which has a distinct place in the Marketing and Communications Industry of India. Geeta Singh envisioned and incorporated TYC Communication as a proprietorship firm in the field of translation and content development in the year 2011. Later, in 2014, TYC Communication developed into a…

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  • Real Yoga Essay

    Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk: Transformational Adventures in India Real yoga is about transformation. It’s not about mastering the Ashtanga intermediate series, or holding pincha mayurasana. While not simple, true transformation may be even harder to grasp. If you’re in limbo, you may need to follow the footsteps of rishis, in India, to seed your metamorphosis. I’ve been practicing yoga for 40 years, but I didn’t get my…

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  • Nursing Personal Statement Examples

    and physicians to make these discoveries amazed me. My mother encouraged me to pursue medicine to follow these interests. I excelled in the national medical school entrance exam in India and subsequently got admission at the S.N. Medical College in Agra. With genuine interest in science and strong determination,…

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  • Movie Review: The Morning Raga By Mahesh Datani

    He wanted that he should be remembered through his work in the field of music for ages like the majestic “TAJ MAHAL of AGRA”. He had a desire to open his own music troop so he formed his own music troop in the city with the help of his friend “Pinky” and gave their first performance in the bar where no one complained but no one appreciated also. They learnt their first…

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  • Culture Fair Test Essay

    3.5.1 Cattell’s Culture fair test of Intelligence: The investigator employed ‘Culture Fair’ test of general mental ability constructed by cattell (Test of ‘g’: Culture Fair, Scale 3, From A) for measuring intelligence of all subjects. This test was chosen in preference to some other available tests primarily because it is a culture fair test. Unlike other widely used test it is less affected by the vagaries of place and time. The constructor of the test claims that the test measure “ individual…

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  • The Importance Of Quality Wine Production In Canada

    prohibition experience in America. The cultural practices in Canada favor the production of wine. A great portion of the population is wine consumers, therefore, promotion the production of wine. The planned vine varieties including Baco Noir, Auxerrois, Agra and much more contribute to the production of a variety of wine flavors from the Canadian region (Crawford,…

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  • Control In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

    Have you fancy before that your life is not belong to yourself, everything including the views, beliefs and behaviors which are setted by the society. You are not you! In the story “Brave New World” the government used the control methods to design citizens life, behaviours and the opinions. This essay will focus mainly on the effectiveness of the control method (hypnopaedic education). This method is repeating broadcast some voices to human which create opinions and values holding. This paper…

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  • Heart Failure Essay

    Heart failure is one of the leading causes in death among the human health system. Scientist is constantly finding ways to keep the cardiovascular system healthy so this casualty can be reduced. In order to do that, a solution has to be put in place to keep the cardiovascular system regulated. This means knowing how the heart functions and how to keep it working at a sustainable level so problems can be prevented. The cardiovascular system works on a homeostasis system. This is where the…

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  • Hotel Industry Essay

    where the earliest inns were homes with rooms provided for travelers. Conditions improved in 1700s England when the renaissance sparked the desire to travel. The United States saw its hotel industry created a century later. By this time they had revolutionized many firsts in the industry including private rooms with locks and doors, free soap, a trained staff, and a pitcher of water in each room. Indoor plumbing and the creation of the lobby followed shortly thereafter. The business of providing…

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  • The Eiffel Tower And The Seven Wonders In The World

    1-The Eiffel Tower(Paris) It built in 1889.The Eiffel Tower (nickname the iron lady) named with it’s engineer.His name is Gustave Eiffel.It built for Expo 1889 Paris Fair.It has became a global icon of France.It’s three hundred meters high and one hundred twenty five meters wide.It is the tallest building in Paris.Every day millions of tourists visit here and see this wonderful structure. 2-The Great Wall of China Chinese Emperor Si-Huangti constructed the great Wall of the China in B.C(Before…

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