Personal Statement: My Pursuit Of A Career In Medicine

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My pursuit of a career in medicine is rooted in my upbringing. At a very early age, I was encouraged to excel in academics and explore broadly my own interests. During high school, I became enthralled by genetics and human physiology. I still recall reading about the gene therapy for Severe combined Immunodeficiency syndrome (SCID) by viral vector. The science behind this therapy was captivating, and the feat achieved by scientists and physicians to make these discoveries amazed me. My mother encouraged me to pursue medicine to follow these interests. I excelled in the national medical school entrance exam in India and subsequently got admission at the S.N. Medical College in Agra.
With genuine interest in science and strong determination,
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UCLA has also given me a chance to share what I have learned, as I published my findings in renowned journals. Our team presented our work at Digestive Diseases Week, the largest conference for gastroenterologist in the world. My work ethics and hard work were noticed, and I was successful in attaining a fellowship position in Quality Improvement (QI) in Digestive Diseases at UCLA. As the quality fellow, I am working on QI projects involving quantifying and improving disease specific metrics. During this experience, I have quickly realized that healthcare quality and the value of care have great impact in healthcare systems. After completing my residency, I want to continue to contribute to this revolution in quality improvement research and leave my imprint. My particular skills with computers coupled with my interest in healthcare technology will help me to continue my research in the field of quality and safety.
In addition to research and medicine, I value a variety of extracurricular activities and sports. I practice meditation and yoga, which helps me concentrate and relax. I also enjoy playing guitar and was the rhythm guitarist in my band “K’EOS”. Always trying to learn new things, I developed a recent interest in stock market trading. These activities make me think analytically and make decisions

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