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  • Yellow Fever Research Paper

    Introduction Why are viruses causing such an impact on humans in recent times? H1N1, MERS, swine flu, Zika, chikungunya, one more virus with a strange name always appears to be popping up, threatening to grow into a pandemic. Quite a few of the pathogens that trigger deadly outbreaks are not entirely new viruses. Some of them have evolved with us for centuries. Nowadays, these viruses can travel and infect around the globe with larger efficiency and shorter times than ever before and when they…

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  • Zika Informative Speech

    A Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) is a formal declaration by the World Health Organization (WHO). This statement designates (identify) a public health crisis of potentially global reach. If you are aware of it, you would probably know that it was declared only four times. All in the past 7 years. Starting with 2009 Swine flu, then both polio and Ebola in 2014, and last zika virus in 2016. So how these emergencies upraise? well I’m going to tell a short story, the zika…

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  • Causes And Consequences Of Zika Virus

    dengue virus, yellow fever virus and West Nile virus (Plourde and Bloch, 2016). Zika virus is transmitted to people primarily through the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito (Ae. aegypti and Ae. albopictus), other Aedes spp implicated in Zika virus infecetion, include Ae. Africanus and Ae. Hensilli. (Plourde and Bloch, 2016). “Aedes mosquitoes usually bite during the day, peaking during early morning and late afternoon/evening”. (WHO, 2016). Warm tropical and subtropical region is…

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  • The Zika Virus: Spread In Latin America

    Zika virus, a disease mainly spread through mosquitoes, is rapidly spreading throughout Latin America and many other countries, and is now threatening to spread widely throughout Northern America. With the threat of the Zika virus in America swiftly increasing, scientists, doctors, and political leaders are desperately searching for a solution to prevent a Zika epidemic. One possible solution that the U.S. FDA is now seriously considering is GMO mosquitoes, engineered by the Biotech Firm, Oxitec…

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  • The Zika Virus: A Literature Review

    The Zika virus is a current global healthcare crisis. From 2007 to 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported documented Zika virus transmission in a total of 62 countries and territories (2016, April 7). Hennessey, Fischer, and Staples (2016) report Brazil had an estimated 440,000–1,300,000 alleged cases of Zika virus disease in 2015. The risk of the Zika virus has recently become a threat in the United States with 1,860 reported cases (Center for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]…

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  • The Spread Of The Zika Virus

    There are many different forms of diseases, illnesses, or viruses being spread around today with many different forms. One such virus has been spreading like wildfire and that virus is known as Zika. This is another virus spread by mosquitos, just like dengue fever. Mosquitos usually breed near warmer climate areas, more clustered in the south or in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, the Zika virus seems to be spreading more than just in those areas. The virus might also be spreading towards the…

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  • Chikungunya Prevention

    In order to prevent a virus we must first learn its history; how it came about and where, we must then take into perspective how it is spread and then take preventative measures to ensure that the minimal amount of people are infected. A virus is simply defined as a non-living, infectious agent that must use a host cell in order to replicate. What makes these viruses so dangerous is that they’re numerous, and thus easy to spread and catch. This is not to say that every virus affects us, some…

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  • Dengue Virus In The Philippines

    A virus is a very small pathogenic antigen that requires a host cell to replicate to cause harm. The virus can attach itself to several kinds of living host such as plants, animals, bacteria and archaea. Although there is some exception, virus is very specific when it comes to appending a host. Animal virus only affects animals, same goes with archaea, bacteria and plant viruses. One specific virus that is endemic to countries near the equator is the dengue virus. DENV or dengue virus, is…

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  • Laboratory Diagnosis Essay

    Laboratory Diagnosis Monitoring Parameters • Tourniquet Test Acts as an emergency diagnostic tool whereby formation of more than 20 petechiae per square inch indicates a positive tourniquet test. A circle of 2.5 cm in diameter may be drawn and the number of petechiae in it is counted. More than five petechiae indicates positive test. • Complete Blood Cell Count Blood tests present with lowered total white blood cell, platelet and neutrophil counts and a 20% or more increase in haematocrit…

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  • Mosquitoes Research Paper

    Introduction Every summer Florida is often hit by a swarm of mosquitoes that are very irritating because of their bites, deadly diseases they may cause, and the sound they make especially during the night. On numerous occasions many of us have fallen victim to irritating and sometimes painful mosquito bites. However, in most cases we often tend to ignore these bites mainly we are not too worried about serious disease, unless one has been reported in our local area. Another reason why most people…

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