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  • The Zika Virus

    snake, or the teeth of a shark. This animal is measured in millimeters, produces hundreds of offspring from a single mother, and feeds off human blood. It is the mosquito. The most common species is culex pipiens, but there are others such as aedes aegypti, aedes vexans, and anopheles gambiae. Mosquitoes represent one of the most successful species on earth. This is attributed to their ability to thrive in the current conditions of exponential human population growth. Female mosquitoes feed on…

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  • Yellow Fever 1793

    the human waste or from rotting coffee beans (WPVI-TV. “Fever 1793.”). Neither of these theories are actually correct. In fact, the disease originates from mosquito bites.”The most dangerous illnesses associated with the Aedes are dengue fever and yellow fever” (“Dangers of the Aedes Mosquito.”). Those are some examples of theories of what causes the Yellow Fever and what actually causes the Yellow…

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  • Analysis Of The ZIKA Virus

    members of the FLAVIVIRIDAE family are under one umbrella known as arboviruses due to they are transmitted to host cells by medial vectors like arthropods. Humen are infected by the bite of various species of female AEDES mosquitoes, and the common species spread in the US are Aedes Aegpti, Aedes albopictus. Because of the loss a pollen against this virus and lack the biology researches so it leads up to continue propagation on new geographic…

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  • Zhikv Case Studies

    In 2015, a widespread pandemic of the Zika virus (ZIKV) was reported in South and Central America and the Caribbean’s as well. The principal concern associated with this viral infection is the increased incidences of microcephaly in fetuses born to mothers infected with ZIKV. As a result, World Health Organization has declared it a pandemic that is affecting many lives. This paper will examine what the virus is in detail, by looking at its signs and symptoms, and second it will look at its…

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  • Effects Of Chikungunya

    that causes infected individuals to suffer fever, muscle pain, headache, nausea, fatigue, rash, and joint pain. In most cases the joint pain can last several weeks, but in chronic cases the pain can last years. It is transmitted by female Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitos and symptoms start to appear between 2 - 12 days after infection. During the colonial era, medical practitioners in public health have attempted to solve this issue by dealing with mosquito vectors. The war against…

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  • Curcuma Longa Case Study

    Young-Cheol et al. [15] reported that the methanol extract of Cinnnamomum cassia bark, Nardostachys chinensis rhizome, Paeonia suffruticosa root bark and steam distillate of Cinamomum camphora gave 91, 81, 80 and 94% protection against the bites of Aedes aegypti respectively at the dose of 0.1mg/cm2 which was comparable to DEET (82%) but the duration of extract from C. cassia bark and N. chinensis rhizome lasted for about 1 hour and relatively short duration of repellency (30 min) was observed…

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  • Zika Virus Paper

    Introduction and Program Description This project is based upon the knowledge of undergrad college students living in Eagle Hall at Florida Gulf Coast University. The purpose of our project is to make the college students aware of the Zika virus and give them ways to prevent contracting Zika. Mainly Zika is a vector (mosquitoes) spread virus and it is becoming a prevalent virus in Florida, so it is important to inform fellow students. Our goal is to educate these students on how to prevent the…

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  • The Most Serial Killers In The World

    Mosquitoes are among the most dangerous living creatures when it comes to the number of deaths they cause worldwide. Their ability to carry diseases and transmit them to humans causes thousands of deaths each year and in 2015 alone, malaria was responsible for 438,000 deaths. The statistics are scary when one compares the number of deaths from mosquito-borne diseases to that of the deadly Ebola virus, which has recently killed over 1,000 in central and west Africa. The puny size of the mosquito…

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  • The Dangers Of Genetic Engineering

    Genetic engineering has given the world hope for a brighter future. With promises of disease eradication, increased intelligence, and longer lifespans, it is no wonder that people believe that this altering our genetic code is the solution to all of our problems. However, with all these potential benefits, there come potential dangers. A new genetic-engineering breakthrough has come our way. Referred to as CRISPR, this new technology is the easiest, cheapest, and most reliable way of modifying…

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  • The Columbian Exchange

    The New World “[did not] have the pathogens associated with the Old World’s dense populations of humans and … chickens, cattle, black rats, and Aedes egypti mosquitoes. Among these germs were those that carried smallpox, measles, chickenpox, influenza, malaria, and yellow fever.” Smallpox was one of the many diseases that killed a large number of Native Americans. According to the author, “the first…

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