The Zika Virus: A Literature Review

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The Zika virus is a current global healthcare crisis. From 2007 to 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported documented Zika virus transmission in a total of 62 countries and territories (2016, April 7). Hennessey, Fischer, and Staples (2016) report Brazil had an estimated 440,000–1,300,000 alleged cases of Zika virus disease in 2015. The risk of the Zika virus has recently become a threat in the United States with 1,860 reported cases (Center for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] (June 22, 2016). This paper looks at a comparison of methods to prevent transmission of the Zika virus in both the United States and Brazil. PICO: What measures are being used to control the epidemic of the Zika virus in the United States as compared …show more content…
Additional recommendations to avoid Zika infected areas especially for pregnant women or those planning to become pregnant. Prevention is the key to averting and stopping the Zika virus.
Missing or Unknown
Incomplete evidence in the literature exists to the scope of the Zika virus. Plourde, & Bloch (2016) state aspects of Zika virus pathogenesis are unknown and require a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the virus. Control and prevention of the virus remains uncertain with the limited information about control measures.
Maintaining an open mind to alternative methods could prove to be vital in the future. Examples of unconventional methods include uses of bacterial and mosquito eating mosquito. Fellner (2016) state the use of Wolbachia bacteria prevents the hatching of eggs from female mosquitoes that have not mated with infected males.
Barriers to implementation of the virus may include the lack of education, resistance to transmission methods, and lack of resources including time and money. Rural areas infected with the virus prove to be a challenge of resources. Also, due to the enormous geographical widespread of the virus, language and cultural barriers could pose a threat to the transmission or elimination

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