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  • The Role Of The Caste System In Modern India

    ‘Animals, drums, illiterates, low castes, and women are worthy of being beaten’ (Manusmriti, a book of Hindu religious scripture). No other religion in the world had explicitly divided people on the basis of caste, creed, sex, origin or purity and pollution in the world except Hinduism which is controlled and manipulated by the caste Hindus. In Hinduism, as it is mentioned in Rig Veda, the people are divided into four varnas which was later used by the caste Hindus to divide people into…

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  • Endangered Language Essay

    3. Causes of endangerment in an Index There is no single reason for language endangerment. Usually more than one factor are responsible for endangerment. But all the possible factors are examinable to make a correct result. The responsible factors and causes of endangerment are given with analyzing: 3.1. Domination of State language And Lingua Franca: The philosophy of the blood bathed language movement of 1952 in East Pakistan was for the right to speak in mother tongue. The people’s demand…

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  • Summary Of Chronic Hunger

    The book basically talks about people living in poverty and in deprivation of healthy food, not only in the countryside but even in the shadows of glittering cities. The author, Harsh Mander states that there are about 80 to 230 million men, women and children who sleep hungry every night in our country. Throughout the book he illustrates chronic hunger in which a situation of perpetual hunger, starvation, or famine due to unequal distribution of wealth or other social injustice is shown. The…

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  • Human Trafficking Case Study Essay

    CASE STUDY Case study No-1 Ms. Remna (name changed )originally hailed from Uttar Pradesh ordinarily resides in Guwahati with her three young sisters and was working in a Beauty Parlour. Her father died in 2008. After her father’s death she became the sole earning member of family to look after her three young sisters. When she was 16 years old was subjected to trafficking to Mumbai in 2010. The trafficker was a lady who was known to her colleague. Her colleague told to Remna about…

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  • Save Silent Valley Protection Movement Essay: Man Or Monkeys In India

    “What is more important? Man or Monkeys” this was the question asked by the Chairman of Kerala State Electricity Board, in 1970. The incident dates back to the days when Silent Valley protection movement was at peak. Save Silent Valley was a movement to save the Silent valley, an evergreen forest in Kerala, in 1973. The campaign was designed to save the Silent Valley from being flooded due to construction of Hydro-electric power plant in that very place by Kerala State Electricity Board. This…

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