Endangered Language Essay

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3. Causes of endangerment in an Index
There is no single reason for language endangerment. Usually more than one factor are responsible for endangerment. But all the possible factors are examinable to make a correct result. The responsible factors and causes of endangerment are given with analyzing:

3.1. Domination of State language And Lingua Franca:
The philosophy of the blood bathed language movement of 1952 in East Pakistan was for the right to speak in mother tongue. The people’s demand was the state language should be the mother tongue Bengali. They protested the proposal of declaring Urdu as the only state language ignoring Bengali. Here Urdu was the outsider’s language and Bengali was the mother tongue of native speakers who were the majority. That majority built a nationality, which made foundation of the country
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Especially Kurux is used only at home with family members. About 100,000 Oraon, speaker of kurux, live in several districts of Northern Bangladesh. But they use Sadri and Bengali in public domain. In all districts, kurux is used in household talking and gossiping with inter-kurux speaker. So kurux has become endangered with limited domain of use.
The Oraon speaks in two language. One is shadri, another is kurux. The Oraon of Thakurgoan, Dinajpur, Western Nougoan, Bogra speak in kurux mainly and the Oraon of Rangpur, Gaibandha, Joypurhat, Natore, Rajshahi, Chapainawabganj and Eastern Nougoan use Shadri. The kuruxer understand the Shadri, but the Shadri speaker cannot understand the kurux; because kurux is a dravidian language so it is tough to communicate. When the Shadri speaker cannot understand the kurux, they use Bengali as lingua Franca. Shadri is a language of Indo-european language family and it is closely related with Bengali and Hindi. So kurux is becoming endangered day by day with a good number of speakers

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