Human Trafficking Case Study Essay

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Case study No-1

Ms. Remna (name changed )originally hailed from Uttar Pradesh ordinarily resides in Guwahati with her three young sisters and was working in a Beauty Parlour. Her father died in 2008. After her father’s death she became the sole earning member of family to look after her three young sisters. When she was 16 years old was subjected to trafficking to Mumbai in 2010. The trafficker was a lady who was known to her colleague. Her colleague told to Remna about opportunity of better job in a Beauty Parlour at Mumbai to be provided by the lady. Neena was ready to go with the lady as for poverty she needed good amount. Remna’s mother tried to stop her but unfortunately could not and even started arguing with her mother. One day she left home and started to live with her colleague. A few days later, the lady took them to Mumbai. After reaching at Mumbai the lady sold off both of them to a man and a lady. Those persons brought them to different area and kept them inside a house for some days. When those two
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The crime of trafficking goes against the basic tenets of humanity. The barbaric sale and purchase of human being for immoral purposes is a direct insult to the human civilization and morality. It shows how fast mankind is heading towards its downfall. Actually the restorations of humanity become the highest demand of the time. An effective and comprehensive right based approach needs to be adopted to tackle the problem in all its dimension and proportions. It has become a challenge to the very existence of humanity and the now high time has been arisen to check the evil forever and totally eradicate it from the human society though difficult but not altogether impossible. Child Trafficking is a vast nightmare, pernicious and long standing social vice- a disquieting concern, so it need of very much public attention to a great

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