The Role Of The Caste System In Modern India

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‘Animals, drums, illiterates, low castes, and women are worthy of being beaten’ (Manusmriti, a book of Hindu religious scripture). No other religion in the world had explicitly divided people on the basis of caste, creed, sex, origin or purity and pollution in the world except Hinduism which is controlled and manipulated by the caste Hindus. In Hinduism, as it is mentioned in Rig Veda, the people are divided into four varnas which was later used by the caste Hindus to divide people into different castes to subjugate and exploit the people of lower social status. As Nicholas B Dirks makes a mention in his seminal work Castes of Mind: Colonisation and the Making of Modern India, the concept of caste system was the invention of Brahmins in the …show more content…
It is also strongly believed in Hinduism that social status or caste is decided by god. There is no escape from this for the lower caste and marginalized people. They are born, married and die in the same caste. As Dr. B R Ambedkar opines in his magnum opus ‘Annihilation of Caste’, caste system is a state of mind. The best remedy to eradicate caste system is to abandon the sanctity of Shastras which segregates people in the name of caste. Caste system in India is like racism in rest of the world. In the west race is everything but in India caste is everything. Unless this evil system is rooted out, social, cultural, political equality and economic progress cannot be brought in the society. In the same way woman is considered weak and emotional and she lacks rationality. So many rights have not been given to her. She has to abide by rules and regulation made by patriarchy. In Hinduism if a man does not beget a male child he will not get salvation and heaven. The homosexuals or trans-genders are also considered evil forces and subjected to unspeakable humiliation and …show more content…
A purificatory ceremony has to be conducted in order to purify the temple. It is written in great detail in Shastras how the purificatory ceremony has to be done. It is a very costly affair. The people belonging to particular caste can only become a priest not others; people belonging to a caste cannot enter the temple- if a religion/god discriminate people like this there must be something fundamentally wrong with that religion. This is the worst kind of social system that ever to exist on the earth. This notion of purity and pollution does not come they sexually exploit the untouchables; if they do not yield to their demand, they would be accused doing something wrong or they talk pollution, god and religion as it happens in the case of Sohini, Bakha’s sister. A L Basham, a well-known historian points out in his famous book The Wonder That Was India:Vol.1 how the Brahmans sexually exploited the women of lower castes in the name of god and religion. The exploitation of untouchables in all possible way is taking from pre-historic age to present day.
The outcaste women are doubly oppressed: on the one hand they are oppressed by patriarchy and on the other hand, by caste system. Woman has always been thought to be burden to the family. Even when something wrong like rape or molestation committed on her without any mistake from her side, she will

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