Guptan And Mauryan Economy Research Paper

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Geography and environment influenced Indian civilization. India is located near many other civilizations like the Middle East and the Mediterranean. These contacts brought new ideas and items into India that furthered its growth. New artistic styles, political concepts, and important contacts with Hellenistic culture were presented to India due to it proximity to influences. On the other hand, the Himalayas led to a division between the subcontinent that led to weaker political unity. Furthermore, The Indus and Ganges rivers played a role in farming and transportation. In conclusion, geography and environment majorly affected how Indian civilization formed and expanded. Aryan society became very influential to many other civilizations …show more content…
The Guptan political institution was centered around power which is clear when the leaders claimed to have been chosen by the gods. Opposed to having a complex bureaucracy, the Guptas chose to appoint leaders and representatives for parts of India. The Mauryan political institution relied heavily on the large armies and bureaucracy it had to uphold India. In terms of economic institutions, the Mauryans relied on the caste system to give people jobs and manage people’s personal incomes and in turn the Mauryan economy. The Guptas developed a taxation system that majorly helped their economy when they decided to take one sixth of the agricultural produce. In conclusion, the political and economic institutions in the Guptan and Mauryan societies were both vital to India’s …show more content…
One of the most important intellectual accomplishments was the use of Universities. The Guptas supported one of the first universities that allowed people from all of Asia to become more educated. Some of the other accomplishments included the discovery of the length of the solar year, better mathematical measurements, and advances in medicine and astronomy. The medical achievements included the development of plastic surgery, bone setting, inoculation against smallpox, and the sterilization of wounds. In astronomy, astronomers worked on understanding gravity, eclipses, and studying Earth 's daily rotations. In conclusion, there are a plethora of Mauryan and Guptans intellectual

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