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  • Accounting Major Essay

    One of my greatest influences for pursuing an accounting major was the wide variety of career opportunities it could provide in the future. During my first two years of undergraduate studies I had absolutely no idea where I would fit in the business world or if I actually wanted to work in business in general. My accounting degree gave me the ability to pursue a degree that would be useful no matter where my potential career path would lead. Even if I did not want to obtain my CPA license, I…

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  • What Is The Obligation To Follow The Professional Conduct Of A Management Accountant?

    Question 1 a. Management Accountants have an obligation to follow the highest standards of ethical responsibility and maintain good professional image. They also should not condone the commission of unethical acts by others within their organizations. It is obvious that falsifying travelling reimbursement claim by Mustapha was unethical conduct and I, as a professional that have been entrusted by the company’s shareholders to safeguard the company’s interests and well-being, should therefore…

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  • Pursuing A Career As An Accounting Degree

    up I want to be an Accountant. To do that it will take a lot of work,but if I put my mind to something I can accomplish anything in this world I want to do. First I need to choose the right college then start an internship to get a good look of what I’ll be doing. It is also very important to understand the educational or training requirements, skills or talents needed, salary and benefits offered, and the duties for a particular career making this decision. Being an accountant takes a lot of…

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  • Case Study: A Career In Forensic Accounting

    Employment Outlook The employment outlook for accountants and auditors is expected “to grow 11 percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than the average for all occupations” (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor). This could be a good indicator that the economy is growing and businesses are looking at future growth and preparing for it. The outlook locally in the state of Idaho on the website shows there are 83 job postings for accountants and auditors with bachelor’s degrees…

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  • Private Detective Chelmsford Case Study

    About Private Detective Chelmsford in Essex "Private Detective Chelmsford is an autonomous private analyst organization situated in Essex in the UK." "Private Detective Chelmsford covers most sorts’ examinations in both the Private and Corporate segment." "In the private segment Private Detective Chelmsford, following missing people, criminal safeguard and business succeeding while in the corporate division record verifications plus reviewing, follow indebted individuals, observation,…

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  • My Career As An Accountant, My Personal Code Of Ethics

    Personal Code of Ethics As an accountant, my code of ethics encompasses integrity, communication, respect, and confidentiality. In order to uphold a high level of integrity in my personal and work life, it is important to develop and follow a personal code of ethics. This code of ethics will be used to inspire me to continue to grow as a person. When facing hard decision in which the right answer is not obvious, I will be able to refer to this code of ethics to facilitate my decision. As an…

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  • How Managerial Accountants Support Strategic Decisions Case Study

    ACC350-1704A-01 Managerial Accounting Practices Professor Bih Horng Chiang October 4th, 2017 How do managerial accountants support strategic decisions? When looking at how managerial accountants support strategic decisions, we must first look at as to how the managerial accountants role plays into the day to day business decisions of the company. Managerial accountants offer essential data to the organization by way of providing near-term decision assessments, applying ideal product…

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  • The AICPA Relationship In Auditing The Auditing Standards For Public Accounting

    The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) is the world’s largest representation of certified public accountants (CPAs). Established in 1887, the AIPCA serves as an advocate for CPAs, CGMAs, and has a mission of powering the success of global business, CPAs, and CGMAs through the use of education, resources, and advocacy (AICPA, 2016). The AICPA supports FASB by providing technical support, standard setting, and guidelines to CPAs nationwide. Because accounting is complex in…

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  • Financial Fraud Case Study

    Investigation Frisbey (2015) indicated that forensic accountants should be able to effectively communicate with the management and involved personnel as to the factors of the existence of fraud indicators, to be able to perform essential analytics and independent testing such as horizontal and vertical testing techniques to detect fraud or to examine the validity of evidence being investigated (p.8-9). Frisbey mentioned that forensic accountants should, for example, request and review documents…

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  • AICPA Code Of Ethics Essay

    Visit the IMA website . List, describe, and evaluate the requirements to become a Certified Management Accountant. What topics are covered on the exam for certification? Would you be interested in a career as a management accountant? In order to become Certified Management Accountant, the candidate need to be active member in the Institute of Management Accountants & Pay for the entrance fee. Candidate must complete the CMA certification within three years from the date of…

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