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  • Milgram's The Perils Of Obedience

    If it was possible for one to take a step back from the world and watch every event in human history unfold, one would be given the notion that humans, as imperfect beings, are unsettlingly fond of committing horrendous crimes against their fellow men. Germans oversaw the systematic extermination of six million of their Jewish brethren during World War II (8), and Cambodia's Khmer Rouge regime purposefully executed two million of the country’s own citizens in the 1970s (9). These two examples…

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  • The Importance Of Choosing A Tax Preparer

    Doing your own taxes can be fun, if you like the challenge, but for people who do not have the time or the patience to complete this challenge, hiring the services of a tax professional is the only way to go. You can easily find a tax professional anywhere you go; however, can all tax pros deliver. In every profession, you will find experts, novices and everyone in between, but when it comes to doing your taxes, especially your business tax returns, you should choose carefully and choose only…

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  • Apple Inc Income Statement Analysis

    Group Assignment Four Corporate Financial Statements Apple Inc. Leading business through “reportable operating segments… [in] the Americas, Europe, Greater China, Japan, and [parts] of Asia,” (Apple Inc. 2015, p. 2) through highly intelligent, premium technological advances such as wearables, 3D Touch, the iPad, iOS, and more, Apple brand products are on the bleeding edge of innovation, supporting modern corporations, start-ups, professionals, and individuals alike. A corporation amassing,…

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  • Madoff Fraud Case Study

    Again, if an investment firm was planned and created to perpetuate a Ponzi scheme, one can only take the blue print from BMIS and make improvements to it. However, since this question is asking for a more comprehensive answer, we need not just look at the firms’ organizational controls but we should look at other agencies and or auditing firms as well. First, the most important organizational control to implement in a case such as this one is a whistleblower program. However, one might argue; if…

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  • The Importance Of Employee Engagement

    Employee Engagement By observation, there seems to be an epidemic of employee disengagement across the country. With the ever changing laws and rules in healthcare, employee engagement is so important in keeping up the morale of all employees, especially those who work in healthcare. In 2013, the hospital I am employed at enters a public-private partnership and essentially went from being management by the state of Louisiana to being privately managed by a large healthcare system. This event…

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  • Robert Sternberg's Theories Of Multiple Intelligence

    The theories of multiple intelligence are based on one’s general ability and or specific abilities, therefore there are many different types of intelligence that provide cognitive development. According to Robert Sternberg's theory the triarchic theory of intelligence, there are three ways intelligences is perceived. These three ways intelligence are seen helps guide one to make connections with past experiences and to make a decision to solve a problem. Howard Gardner's proposition is that…

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  • Will Artificial Intelligence Eliminate My Job Analysis

    In the article “Will Artificial Intelligence Eliminate My Job?” written by Rod Koch (Strategic Finance, 2017) the author examines the influence of Artificial Intelligence or AI to the labor force through a series of his experience and analysis. I enjoyed this article because it discusses AI, one of the hottest technology trend today. I find the article’s title is the same question that has been asked by many people, including myself. I certainly agree with the author about the impact which AI…

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  • Graduate Employability Skills

    There are many key skills that are valued by graduate employers, however it differs from industry to industry but there are many core common skills that all employers aspect. In a recent careers prospect survey (2015), it shows that employers are looking for six key graduate employability skills and these are: 1. Good communication 2. Effective leadership and management 3. Planning and research Skills 4. Teamwork skills 5. Time-management 6. Relevant work experience With so many graduates…

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  • Victorian Middle Class Analysis

    On 18 December 1873, Mr Davidson, Mr Dennison and Mr Roumanielle pleaded guilty to offences under the Obscene Publications Act (1857). In a case heard at Marlborough Street magistrates’ court in London, the magistrate, Mr Knox, ordered that that their property be destroyed. Mr Collette, for the prosecution asked if he may be granted the honour of beginning the destruction himself, a request which Mr Knox immediately granted. Accompanied by Police Inspector Harnett and Sargeant Butcher, Mr…

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  • Home Insurance Case Study

    comparison would be a homeowner buys insurance to protect his home from fire, because he couldn 't afford to replace everything, if his house were destroyed. If you are just starting a business, you will need a reputable insurance agent and a quality accountant and good attorney. It often is beneficial…

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