The Importance Of CPA Oath

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4. Please draft a “CPA Oath,” which speaks to the role of public accountants, addresses the challenges of the professional among its clients and society, and incorporates a historical understanding of the field of public accountancy. This Oath should not be longer than one page.
The CPA Oath
As a Chartered Public Accountant, my goal is to act as a trusted professional working for the greater good of the society. I will act to serve in favor of the public interest in the best of my knowledge and will offer the highest standard of clarity, objectivity, independence and visibility in my work. I understand that my duties and responsibilities require the truthfulness and integrity as it may provoke ethical dilemma. I assure I will honor my fiduciary
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In 2-3 pages of closely reasoned text, explain why you wrote the CPA Oath as you did. How does your Oath answer to the needs of the profession?
The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a financial profession which serves to a wide range of client base and provides a variety of services to businesses. Predominantly, CPAs have a fiduciary duty towards the public as the sole reason behind the origination of CPA profession was to provide the investors and shareholders an independent and objective view of accounts of the listed companies.
However, the accounting field offers diverse employment opportunities to a CPA professional, such as an Internal Auditor, Public & Private Accountant, Management Accountant, Tax Consultant etc. Each role differs from the other in terms of job duties and responsibilities. This leads to the dilemma that even though primarily CPAs have a fiduciary duty towards the public there are a number of roles which makes the CPA accountable to its client. For example, a tax consultant ensures the firm is in compliance with the state and federal tax laws. He is also responsible for tax planning and suggesting ways to minimize taxes and generate profits for the
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This raises the ‘tension’ in the business as an auditor needs to serve in the best interest of the public avoiding any conflict of interest that may arise due to any financial gains generated from client-auditor relationship.
The reason to write the CPA oath is to address the above-mentioned dilemma and to ensure the CPA professionals exercise the highest standard of ethical and professional behavior. The CPA Oath is a personal pledge to act with the highest standard of clarity, objectivity, independence and

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