The Advantages of Living in a Big City Essay

  • Living In A Small Town Essay

    grew up in and some prefer the big city, where there’s tons of excitement and plenty of things to do. Small towns are secluded, stress-free, and traditional for some. There are plenty of advantages of living in a small town compared then living in a big city. Living in a quiet, friendly environment where you know all of your neighbors because most of you grew up together. People never have to worry about crime happening or something serious because the community would help each other when they are in need. Living around the same people most of your life, you eventually become one big family. Like my mom says, “In a small town you’re one big family, but in a large city you’re just a face in a sea of faces.” You’ll never feel lonely when you have zero to do…

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  • Difference Between Moving To A City And Big City

    country town or a big city, there is much to take into consideration. It will be useful to know about career opportunities, cost of living and the education system. Although both a city and country town have there advantages and disadvantages, they greatly differ from one another. When choosing between the two it is essential to settle on the one that is most pliable to ones lifestyle. Knowing there will be jobs open, having a plan of the cost of living in one of the two and…

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  • Pros And Disadvantages Of Living In A Big City

    Living in different places has its own perks and disadvantages, but one will always outweigh the other. Living in a big city, although I haven’t done it for a long period of time before, is far better than living in a small town for many reasons such as the schooling, resources, job opportunities, and the health of a person. Things like public transportation or restaurants you’d never find near a small town. Even the schooling can be better when attending a school in large urban areas. The jobs…

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  • Dos Lagos Areas Analysis

    inferior part of the city where odious activities and marginal people congregated” (Fishman, 2006). At that time, the suburbs were usually subordinate to the central city and inhabited by the poor. In some places, suburbs were swallowed as the main city expanded. However, things began to change in the late 18th century. The earliest appearance of suburbs coincided with the spread of the first urban settlements (History of Suburbs, 2012). This was mainly because the city became too crowded to…

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  • Analysis: Big City Girl, Small Town Woman

    Big City Girl, Small Town Woman Jennifer, or Jen as some like to call her, was born July 24th, 1970, in the Chicago suburb of Bolingbrook, Illinois. Jen Townsend was the name she grew up with through out her high school and college career, but on October 7th, 1995, her life changed when she married David Claeys, a man from a town smaller than the size of her entire high school. They met at Western Illinois University, where she attended college, and majoring in business. After about three years…

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  • Causes Of Urban Sprawl

    This is a huge point that many people use to argue against big box retailers. Urban sprawl is basically where the cities spread outward at a tremendous rate, consuming farmland and forests alike. Big box retailers are the main cause of urban sprawl. Since there are so many big box retailers across the country, and because many downtown cities don't have sufficient space to hold the buildings the companies want, the retailers buy huge tracts of land that previously had farmland or forests and…

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  • Life In A City Is Better Than City Life Essay

    It is better to live in a city than in the countryside. A couple of decades ago life in a city had a higher level of comfort that in a private home. But it has changed with a distribution of autonomous engineering equipment, a growth of motorization, improving telecommunication technologies, the emergence of new building materials and the overall increase in the population 's welfare. A large number of people choose to give special attention to the area and the independence of public services in…

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  • Benefits Of Living In The Suburbs

    being an American citizen, I have a dream. My dream is to have a bachelor’s degree, continue with my masters, get a good job, get marry, have children and get them involve in good education, and buy my dream house with good accommodations. My plan is not to live on a city, which it does not make me have my American dream accomplished. My home dream is to have a big front and backyard, have four rooms, a good living room, big kitchen, two levels, a big basement, big dining room,…

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  • The Similarities And Differences Of Living In An Apartment And House

    When you think of a living space for yourself or your family, you pose the question of living in an apartment or a house. Some people prefer to live in a house, while others feel that there are more perks when living in an apartment. Depending on your location, finances, and personal preference are some factors that determine if you would buy an apartment or house. Apartments and houses both have their advantages and disadvantages. The first similarity and difference between apartments and…

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  • Buying Your House And Townhouse

    It has some of the advantages of an apartment or condo, but you have much more autonomy - best of all, you have ownership and can build equity in your purchase. Live a more carefree life in a townhouse You may think condo and townhouse are interchangeable terms, but this is not the case - there is a big difference. If you own a condo, you own a condo - and that 's all. You own the physical building but not the land. It 's easy to become confused as to what exactly constitutes the term…

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