The Joys Of Buying A Home

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Buying a home is the largest and most important decision you will make. There are details to consider - such as what type of house, size, how much property, the area - and even the traffic patterns surrounding any potential home you might consider. If you are thinking about buying a home but don 't necessarily want all of the upkeep, a townhouse might be the right choice for you.

With a townhouse, your space is your own. You can enjoy owning your own home without the upkeep and bother.
When to consider a townhouse
First time home buyers like young couples starting out are perfect examples of people who start out with a townhouse as their first home. Or, if you are empty nesters who think it 's time to down-size - a town home may be the perfect alternative for you.

Townhouse living will give
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It is a home that sits on a (usually small) piece of land that you own. You can use this land for whatever you wish, as long as it is within the rules of the homeowners association. This area of land may not be big, but it belongs to you.

A townhouse can be a duplex, triplex or a large townhouse community consisting of hundreds of houses.
Advantages of townhouse living
Living in a townhouse is a personal preference, but town home living does come with several advantages that stand alone homes won 't provide. One big advantage is that since townhouses are built 'up ' instead of 'out ' - they are energy efficient.

When you buy a townhouse, you also get a community with amenities. Most have pools, gyms, recreation room - and even tennis courts. These areas you can utilize and save money on monthly dues to an athletic club.

The listing price for townhouses are oftentimes less expensive than a free-standing home. Depending on the town home community, you will have home owner association (HOA) dues, but you won 't have the regular maintenance costs that come with owning a stand alone

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