Dos Lagos Analysis

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Analysis on Dos Lagos Areas
The development of human history is always filled with fundamental and unexpected transformations. The rise of suburbs is just a case in point. Before the 18th century, the word suburb mainly represented a “subordinate and inferior part of the city where odious activities and marginal people congregated” (Fishman, 2006). At that time, the suburbs were usually subordinate to the central city and inhabited by the poor. In some places, suburbs were swallowed as the main city expanded. However, things began to change in the late 18th century. The earliest appearance of suburbs coincided with the spread of the first urban settlements (History of Suburbs, 2012). This was mainly because the city became too crowded to live
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Several factors contribute to the rise of Dos Lagos. The first important factor is the affordability of housing. Los Angeles is the largest city in California. As a metropolitan area, the housing price in Los Angeles is quite high. As a result, many Los Angeles workers chose to live outside the city. Dos Lagos becomes an ideal choice for them. The housing price is much lower than that in Los Angeles areas. Second, the convenient transportation in Dos Lagos also makes it accessible for many Los Angeles workers. Just like the development of suburban areas in London, convenient transportation is usually a decisive factor in the development of satellite cities. In 18th century London, subway and trains are the major transportation tools for citizens. In today’s Dos Lagos areas, personal cars are the first choice for many residents. The easy access to 15 and 91 freeway becomes another advantage for Dos Lagos. Third, the beautiful natural sceneries and clean air become another attraction for those living in big cities. This is very much like the 18th century London. At that time, due to the development of industrialization in London, the city became too crowded to live in. The large population resulted in poor living conditions. Plants also caused pollutions in the city. Today’s Los Angeles is faced with the same problem. As a metropolitan city, Los Angeles is usually crowded …show more content…
First, they are all located near metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles. The migration of city population into these small cities around becomes the primary force to the rise of these suburban areas. Second, convenient transportation and easy access to freeways are also important factors. Personal cars are quite common in the United States. With easy access to freeway, Los Angeles workers can return commute between home and work within one hour. Third, nice environment in these suburban areas becomes a major attraction for people living in big cities. Dos Lagos and Moreno Valley are both small and quite cities with nice environment. They are ideal place of residence for middle class or rich people who grow tired of city

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