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  • Sparta, Sparta And Persians

    Since early history, the concept of conquering vast amounts of land to either establish or expand an empire has been very prominent. One of the biggest part of any empire and their success relies greatly on its military system, as it is crucial in protecting their land and keeping invaders and rebellions away. While most of the empires had similar military strategies and battle techniques, some of them progressed over time and advanced to newer, better technologies that would aid them during war. The pass of Thermopylae, a famous battle fought between the Greek polis Sparta versus the Persians shows how these new technologies and battle strategies, at that time, were advantageous or disadvantageous to different empires. The Spartans had a strong army of men willing to fight in the battle; they were advanced fighters as learning how to fight at a young age was in their norms. The Persians on the other hand had a very large army due to their vast empire, but most of their soldiers were not Persians, and they were not as well trained or motivated as the Spartans. Although the Spartans were eventually defeated by the Persian soldiers, the Spartans were still much better fighters and militarily advanced than the Persians. If the Spartans had a large army like the Persians, the Spartans could have been victorious in many battles including the pass of Thermopylae. The Persians had a vast empire that expanded from many part of Europe all the way to Africa as well as Asia (See Fig 1…

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  • The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Sparta And Athens

    Athens, Sparta, and Thebes all failed to create a lasting “Greek Empire.” While each polis had its own strengths and weaknesses, the poleis all failed for similar reasons. The poleis failed mainly due to almost constant power struggles, arrogance, and involvement in conflicts they should not have been involved in. Athens, Sparta, and Thebes all failed in spite of various strengths and due to various weaknesses. Athens’ strengths included its large size, large trireme navy, wealth,…

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  • Structure Of Athens And Spartas

    800-323 BCD, Athens and Sparta were the two powerful cites in Greece. Their territories separated by water and land. Although their cities were not too far from each other, yet there was a major different on how they govern there cities. While the Athens was governed by demos, the Spartans were govern by Oligarchy. In this essay, we will explore the structure of their governments, the differences, and the similarities. At the end, both nations left us a unique historical value where other…

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  • Essay On Athens And Sparta

    Ancient Greece during the archaic and the classical period consisted mainly of small towns that were called “Polis”. The majority of these “Polis” or towns controlled small regions of land and were populated by some hundreds of citizens. However, the two largest “Polis” known as Athens and Sparta were much more powerful and influential than the rest. In a nutshell, Athens was a democratic and trade focused government while on the other hand Sparta was a military focused society with an oligarchy…

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  • Sparta Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

    Sparta had flaws in culture no doubt, but they also had some very powerful strengths. One being the loyalty to the state of Sparta. Once a Spartan always a Spartan, they weaned out the weak and built up the strong. This helped in more ways than one and made everyone of the state loyal to the state officials and people above them. With loyalty comes responsibility and respect, something that was earned and not given in Sparta. Being split into three major groups Sparta struggled to have respect…

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  • Decline Of Sparta Essay

    Sparta was a society in Ancient Greece that focused on loyalty to the state and the military. However, Spartan society focused too much on warfare and not enough on education and bettering of all of its citizens and that is what led to the decline of the Spartans. The focus of on social roles, and lack of economy also led to Sparta’s demise, as well as their vastly different social views. Social structures were standards in most ancient societies. In Sparta, there were three main social groups.…

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  • Roles Of Helots In Sparta

    The role of the helots in ancient Spartan society has been a much debated and discussed topic in recent decades. Having existed during a time period of which Sparta achieved much prosperity and success, one can suggest that the helots contributed significantly to the state’s economic and social growth. Although positioned the nethermost on the Spartan social hierarchy, the contributions made by the helots to universal Spartan culture were prodigious. This was apparent through the labour the…

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  • Differences And Similarities Of Athens And Sparta

    Athens and Sparta were both Greek city-states, yet they barely had any socially comparable qualities. They harbored long lasting wars with each other for simple reasons. Ownership of land, money, and power were some of the main reasons the two city-states fought. Although they lived in the same nation, they molded their regions to reflect their own particular views. The primary goal for the Spartans was to make an elite army while the primary goal for Athenians was to make a society with their…

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  • Athens Vs Sparta Essay

    The question of Athens v.s. Sparta has been debated for many years but the clear answer is and always will be Athens. Their advancements in art, science and government make them a far better polis than Sparta. Without Athens we would not be where we are today. Athens left an everlasting effect on the world, while Sparta did not. This essay will prove that Athens is the better polis. Athens and Sparta were very similar in many ways but they had one major difference that divided them in history,…

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  • Essay About Athens And Sparta

    Athens vs. Sparta Athens and Sparta were both city-states inside Greece. Although, they were very close to each other in location they were very different in many other ways. In this essay we are going to discuss the similarities and differences between the two city-states from their beginnings to their politics, culture, social gatherings, geography, and finally what brought each city-state to and end. When the city-state of Athens was started the citizens put large emphasis on the arts that…

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