Politics Of Spartan Politics

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n campaigns to control the arrogance and to protect all of the interests of the whole State of Sparta. The final branch of the Spartan government is the Appella or Demos, this is an assembly of the people, it is held only once a month. Every male that is the age of 30 or greater could participate in the Appella at any time. They would do the electing. Whenever all of the men would meet once a month they would present issues and vote on what to do to resolve these issues. The way they would vote was by shouting.
Sparta 's military did fall a couple of times. After defeating Athens in the Peloponnesian war, Sparta turned out to be a clumsy great power in Greece. Spartans butt into local politics all over the Greek world, supporting oligarchic
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They also took great pride in their fighting and young Spartan warriors. The Spartan warriors were trained until the age of 60 for the military and they wore bronze body armour and had a sheild that was three feet in diameter. They had a great government and also a society that was different from the other Greek societies. Their military was one of the most iconic in all of history. They had a very strict system of for the military children. They would take the kids away from their home at the age of seven years old. They also took women away from their home at the age of seven so that they could be schooled. Their government was also one of the best at that time period. They had men and women vote. You had to be 30 years of age or older to vote on the matters.The Spartans had a government that consisted of four systems. their society was also a very backwards one. The women had full rights as well as the men. Women were allowed to own property in Sparta. The men would share wives with each other. Women were among some of the richest people to live in Sparta. Women also wore clothes that would give them a little more motion and show off a little more. They also owned about a third of the land in Sparta. Although Sparta was a great nation they did fall to a couple of people and remained a second class

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