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  • Is It A Hobby, But A Business?

    We all have that one activity we love to do. It is something used to take our minds off the stress of the day; it is our escape. However, there comes a time when this activity becomes more than a hobby and under US tax laws and regulations is considered a business. But, how can you tell if what you’re doing is no longer a hobby, but a business instead? As defined by the Internal Revenue Services, IRS, a hobby is an activity not executed with the hopes of making a profit. To determine the status of your activity, taxpayers are advised to follow appropriate guidelines to avoid misfiling an activity considered a business as a hobby. The IRS affirmed that there is almost $30 billion per year in unpaid taxes due to incorrect deductions when a business is deducted or exempted from taxes because they were claimed as hobbies. So, is it a business or just a hobby A business is any activity done with the intention of making a profit. While taxpayers may deduct necessary expenses for day-to-day business operation; this expense must be accepted and common in the business or trade. To determine what an appropriate expense is and to differentiate between a business and a hobby, you should take the following into consideration: Is your income based solely on the activity or is it a source of income? Is the activity done with the intention of making a profit? Did you change your method of operation to increase profitability? Did similar activity yield a profit in the past? Have you ever…

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  • Hobbies, Achievements And Goals

    On January the third, as we began our American Literature class, our professor put the whole class into groups. Everyone was assigned to write an essay about their group’s hobbies, accomplishments and goals. The people in my group are Klovis, James, and Spencer. The first person’s hobbies, accomplishments, and goals we are going to discuss is Klovis. The hobbies that Klovis enjoys we learned are drawing and watching anime. The things that he likes to draw are anime characters from movies,…

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  • Importance Of Gaming As A Hobby

    Gaming Is Just A Hobby Gaming is a hobby that I have been interested in since I was in elementary school. As a boy my family did not have a ton of money, but eventually we could afford a gaming system to entertain my two brothers, two sisters, and I. Gaming as a whole should be seen as just another harmless hobby, and not something to blame when people commit crimes or act a certain way. Being able to call myself gamer made me proud, until accusations of violence, immaturity, racism, sexism,…

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  • The Importance Of The Hobby In The Classroom

    If we all could remember what we did in the classroom, it might not be the best for many of us. Many of us have the best way of learning experience just outside of the classroom. We all have a hobby that many can’t just learn in the classroom, but we can learn so much even with just a hobby of their own. Take Brandon Coriz as an example, he moved to Bali, Indonesia for a short while during the time he lived he was able to learn so much things while there. Coriz was able to learn the language,…

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  • Hobby Lobby Case Study

    Hobby Lobby is a chain retail store privately owned by the Green family and is known for its craft and arts supplies as well as candles, flowers, and home décor. Hobby Lobby offers over 70,000 products in over 600 stores nationwide, and is also known for its strong Christian ethics management policy. There is a growing arts and craft market in the U.S. and Hobby Lobby is growing with it. Hobby Lobby contends with several competitors such as Michaels, Hancock Fabrics, Old Time Pottery, A.C. Moore…

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  • Hobby Security Essay

    Hobby Lobby Security At the beginning of each shift we have assigned guards to check our equipment. This includes the trucks, golf carts, radios and pipes used to log tours in the buildings. We have a checklist for the truck and golf carts looking for damage, checking fuel/propane, and making sure everything is in working order. Teamleaders are responsible for making sure that all the office equipment, (radios, pipes, and keys) are turned in from the previous shift. Once the initial tasks are…

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  • Hobby R Us Thesis

    services, trends and competitors. Hobby R Us will be lunching a new product for the company called the “Airbender”. The Airbender is Hobby R Us version of the Hoverboard which is a two wheel self balancing board. The Airbender design is similar to an electric scooter without the handle bars that gives rides the sensation of lavation. This self balancing scooter are changing the game of personal transportation they are the new hottest trend in recreational activities for the younger generation.…

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  • The Importance Of Hobbies And Special Interest

    1. What are some of your hobbies and special interests? What is it about theses activities that keep you interested? How might your participation in these activities influence your teaching? I enjoy hiking, exercising, enjoying some good company with my friends, participating in my sorority, being around animals and creative. I am interested in these activities because they bring me joy. These are things that I am able to release my stress for the week and discover new things about myself…

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  • The Importance Of My Childhood Hobbies

    Can you remember your childhood hobby? Mine consisted of rock collecting and creating “inventions.” My childhood hobbies were replaced as I grew older, but I am pleased to announce that there is another child in my house that has a hobby. It is not uncommon to smell something baking in my kitchen’s oven considering that my mother is a fantastic cook, but she is not always the head chef nowadays. My ten-year-old sister is preparing meals and making batches of cookies for pleasure. I can tell how…

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  • My Hobby Cooking Essay

    It all began four years ago, when my brother graduated from culinary arts. From that day I started to get interested about food and how was it made. In some way I can say that he encouraged me to cook. Ever since four years ago, I cook three times a week and he does the rest. Cooking is a very interesting hobby. To begin with, cooking is a great idea when you want to chill in your own home and have an excellent time at the same time. If you want to be at your house just chilling…

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