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  • Gender In Being A Man By Paul Theroux

    different ideas and views from the past but even today there are some differences. There is no denying that genders are different and sometimes one characteristic is designed for a one gender. However, Paul Theroux argues in “Being a Man” that being a man is living life as an overrated gender. It is a gender that allows an existence of inequality and unfairness among men and women, not allowing them to meet up to reach equilibrium and it gives false role models to the male gender. According to Theroux, being a man is stereotyped. Men are given a set structure and path to follow to become who we should be. For example, he reported “Be a man… it means: Be stupid, be unfeeling, obedient, soldierly, and stop thinking.” Here we can visualize how men are seen as. These characteristics describe the ideal man others think is made up of. Theroux is trying to emphasize that being a man has many hard qualities like being as strong as a soldier or unfeeling. We don’t, as men, don’t want to be unfeeling or be stupid because it isn’t what truly defines us as men. Society has made a man stupid without the consent of those being effected, only to make men a certain type of gender. We have similar qualities to these from the past, but now we have evolved to grow into a new type of man. In addition, Paul mentions that “… women have a justified grievance, but most men believe – and with reason – their lives are just as bad.” Men have to live by “rules” too in their lives to become the ideal…

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  • Masculinity In Being A Man By Paul Theroux

    In the essay “Being a Man” the author, Paul Theroux, describes his negative feelings toward American society 's expectations of manhood. He talks about his own experience as a man and also gives examples of masculinity in media. Theroux argues throughout the essay that the expectations of manliness is harmful and oppressive to men. He tells the reader that from a young age boys are forced into an ideal of manhood and that follows them throughout their lives. He finally claims that men are…

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  • Gender Differences In Education, By Paul Theroux '

    Society will always think of men as independent individuals who are responsible for their own morals. However, males are compared to females because they are not what they are expected to be. Some of them tend to not focus on what reality is, so it leads to being irresponsible. Young men and boys are feeling discouraged because of being compared to females who are taking education more seriously. Males and females has their own differences in getting distracted from education. Some are smart…

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  • Analysis Of Being A Man By Paul Theroux

    The essay “Being a Man” by Paul Theroux, is a piece written in 1985 about the disapproval of stereotypical gender expectations that is thrust upon Americans, including the author himself. He then contrasts and compares those sets of ‘rules’ and tries to shed light on the fact that men are just as oppressed as women. In addition, Theroux uses key examples from athletics and the writing profession to support his objections and personal experiences. As a person who doesn’t believe in the concept of…

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  • Being A Man, And Being A Man By Paul Theroux

    In the case of comparing males and females, it is equivalent to comparing apples and oranges. Although both may be delectable fruits, they each have their own individual share of strengths and weaknesses; therefore, comparing them would be fundamentally futile. Between the Sexes, a Great Divide by Anna Quindlen, and Being a Man by Paul Theroux divulge the veracity behind not only how men and women are assessed from a societal standpoint, but also how they individually assess each other. It is…

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  • Gender Differences: Nature Vs. Nurture In Being A Man By Paul Theroux

    Gender Differences: Nature vs. Nurture There is no doubt that men and women are different but the question many people ask is when do we have this seed planted in our brains. Maybe we already are born with an ideology embedded in our genes and there is nothing we can do. Two pieces of literature that help broaden the discussion of nature versus nature in gender differences are “Between the Sexes, a Great Divide” by Anna Quindlen and “Being a Man” by Paul Theroux. We are all born to be a unique…

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  • The Train From Khayelitsha Analysis

    writer, Paul Theroux, the reader is transported to Southern Africa where the impact of tourism is revealed through various details. Through these details and Theroux’s inability to take a stand on the impact of tourism, two questions are developed: why do tourists leave their homes to go to foreign places? Why do people in poverty-stricken areas advertise their poverty to tourists? To answer the question of why people travel to foreign places, the most appropriate quote would be Theroux’s…

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  • Excuse Me While I Explode ! My Mother, Myself, My Anger Analysis

    convinced that women have to do everything at home because of men they chose. Therefore, she was looking an totally opposite person than her father. Then she goes on telling about her boyfriend Paul seemed different. When they met he was neat, responsible, and he knew how to cook. Murado then realized day by day she was becoming like her mother. She often found her self cooking after long day at work, doing laundry and shopping while Paul did less and less. Murado assumed that Paul was just…

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  • Feminist Culture And Manhood In Paul Theroux's Being A Man

    will never experience. Paul Theroux’s “Being a Man” discusses how being a man isn’t a walk in the park, yet their lives are easier than that of a woman. This essay was important to read as it exposed us to the male perspective of gender issues and how societal expectations can negatively impact a person’s mental health. Throughout Theroux’s essay we learn how manliness and femininity affected his life. While I read this, I could not help but to share excerpts to my friends. Feminist culture and…

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  • The Idea Of Manhood In Paul Theroux's 'Being A Man'

    “Being a Man”, is an essay that can in be found in Paul Theroux’s 1985 book, Sunrise with Seamonsters. In “Being a Man”, Theroux argues that “The whole idea of manhood in America is pitiful” (223). The idea of manhood is “like having to wear an ill-fitting coat for one’s entire life” (223). Essentially what he means by this is that just like women, society creates specific norms or expectations that men are supposed to follow. You can easily identify that he has an irritated tone because in his…

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