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  • Self Assessment And Self-Assessment

    companies are using self-assessments and/or personality tests as part of the hiring process as well as to enhance employee performance. Although companies use these tests to identify individuals with desirable attributes, the results can be misleading as many times applicants will respond with answers they think the employer wants. This self-assessment activity gave me the chance to see what type of questions companies could use to identify a variety of attributes as well as pinpoint some personal strengths and weaknesses. This paper will explore these strengths and weakness. I will also explore what I have learned about myself that will help me be at better employee, co-worker, and/or manger. Keywords: self-assessment, personality test Self-Assessment Analysis This week was an enlightening experience as I have never completed such a formal and in-depth self -assessment. I can certainly see how companies could benefit using questionnaires as both a hiring tool as well as a way to better their employees’ self-awareness. Once you understand more of who you are as a person, you will be better equipped to understand how you interact with other people. This can help us both at work as well as home as God is in the business of drawing individual people together through Jesus Christ for His corporate purposes (Fischer, 2006). With that said, I will move on to what I learned about myself. What about me? I was not surprised this assessment labeled me…

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  • Self Assessment: The Importance Of Self-Assessment

    Promotion of learning: To do self-assessment, a student is required to employ higher order of thinking skills. Self-assessment would not only provide feedback but also direction for future learning. 2) Raised level of awareness:The feedback would help students learn students about their abilities, the progress they are making and how effectively they are using their skills. 3) Improved goal orientation:The process of self-assessment would generate greater interest in the process of…

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  • Self Assessment: The Importance Of The Self-Assessment

    I have taken the self-assessment test in the read section. (Bethel University, 2014). I have learn news things about area’s that I am strong in and things I am weak in. I feel that test is a good way to learn about the area’s that you are good in or that you need to improve. I am a little upset with my results of the assessment. My weakness is reading, writing, and focus. (Bethel University, 2014). I can read, but I tend to stay away from reading for some reason. This is why I am weak in this…

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  • Self-Analysis: Self Assessment

    Self-Analysis Communication is a skill that I learned at an early age. When growing up, learning proper communication skills is a key to becoming a successful citizen. I have taken the time to go over my self-assessment tests and have had the opportunity for others to express their opinions about my skills. The self-evaluation test has brought to my attention that I have a “Driver” kind of communication style, a “high self monitor” score of 14, and a “compromising” type of management style. My…

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  • Self Assessment And Self-Assessment In The World Of Education

    we don’t rely on one person to make every educational decision, one assessment to determine the appropriate services, or one teaching strategy to reach every student. This is an important concept to remember each and every day. 2. The child must always be the center of focus. Quantitative data (assessment scores) should never be the only factor in the decision-making process. 3. Under IDEA, there are 13 categories of disabilities. For a student to be eligible for special education services,…

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  • Self Assessment: Self-Assessment And Reflection On Leadership

    Self-Assessment and Reflection Every leader wants to be effective and prosperous at least that is the very core of leadership. Leaders must first acknowledge his or her strength and weaknesses and find a common ground to abound while in a leadership position. In so doing, the weakness will be overcome and the area of weakness will become strengthen. This is an important aspect of a leader in order to be successful. Reflecting and assessing oneself in leadership is an essential tool that has a…

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  • Self Assessment: Self-Assessment Strengths In Management

    Self-Assessment Results With results and knowledge I have gained from completing and analyzing the results from Strength Finder, I am now able to clearly identify my strengths and compare those strengths to some of the world’s top leaders and managers to see how they compare. Key strengths that have been identified for me are my abilities to compete, focus, strategize, achieve, and develop a plan with future results in mind. As I analyze my results, I like highlight key components for each…

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  • Prentice Hall's Self-Assessment: Self, Leadership, And Self

    insight into how life can be lived fully and in right standing with God. The Prentice Hall’s Self-Assessment shows how a person’s personality, values, motivations, and decision making styles can be transformed to make the person a better leader and co-worker. While the questionnaire does not correlate all of these traits together, it does explain how these different areas can be improved at each stage. Needs work As a student with many years of training and experience in law…

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  • Self Assessment Journal Example

    Journal Entry #1 – Self-Assessment During class, on September the sixth, the class I was in was to fill a self-assessment questionnaire. The questionnaire had sixty-four questions dealing with how we operate on a daily basis. Our answers ranged from zero, meaning the question is completely false or ten meaning the question is entirely true. I wishing to sell my book back at the end of the year scored my questions on a separate sheet of paper. Afterward, we were to total our scores on a…

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  • Importance Of Self-Assessment Worksheet

    Management 3120 changed the way I think about how I should perform. The self-assessment worksheets showed my strengths and weaknesses and from those I learned to plan and set goals. I also have a higher expectation for myself now. In the management traits self-assessment, I found out that I like to work alone, is a self-starter, self-reliant, trustworthy, fair, and loyal person and working with others and being able to change are challenging to me. I feel that I can change to like to work with…

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