What Are The Elements Of Self Assessment


Career, personality, educational interest, and professional assessment surveys are widely used tools to help individuals determine options that fit their personality. The student that seeks to balance their passion with their potential to earn, the jobseeker that is unhappy in their current role, and wants a better professional match. Regardless of why an assessment is taken, participants are able to use these assessments as a way to learn more about themselves.

Personal Thoughts and Feelings

Surveys are tools that need to be used correctly, you will get out what you put in, and multiple assessments should be taken to give a more accurate picture of personality, goals, and possible career paths. The surveys provided
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Organizational assessments are often used to take an organization’s pulse. However, organizational use needs adequate controls in place, if the assessments will have an impact on participant’s job opportunities, or student’s education options.

The Employee Engagement Profile Questionnaire is an interesting self-assessment that gives participants an awareness of what triggers feelings of involvement. It could easily be adapted to train organizational leadership, by illustrating the items that engage leaders individually will likely create engagement in their followers. Surveys of this type should have little impact on the participant’s organizational opportunities and could be used frequently by leadership to change the dynamic in a team or organization when motivation and engagement begin to lag. (Kruse,
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Each question has a value assigned to a specific category or trait, and the cumulative results are used to indicate the participant’s traits. Finally, the results are used to create a summary of the individual, and these results may or may not provide insight for the participant.

The best advice when dealing with surveys could be that found in a Dick Bolles article where he outlines “The Seven Rules To Keep in Mind About Taking Career Tests”. (Bolles) This helpful article links to multiple career and personality assessment sites, giving an interested participant multiple test options. The rules outlined at the end of the article offer practical advice that the participant should keep in mind during these assessments, and of the seven, four rules stand out as potentially being most important.

First, among these stand outs; “tests tend put you in “families”. An individual should understand this when reviewing the results of an assessment, because, like all families there is a great deal of variation among members. For individuals starting on their journey of personal and professional discovery, knowing what family they belong to can be a great help to begin their

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