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  • If Short Story

    My major work If… is a short story exploring notions of familial relationships, ultimately enforcing the value of parents and the unchanging love families give. The title If… conveys the emotions of regret as well as the sense of bitterness in life. This mirrors what I want my major to achieve, making the audience reflect on their actions towards their family members and parents in particular as well as allow them to anticipate their future with their children. My audience is middle aged women that have established families with children, and so they are able to understand the emotions and empathise better with my characters and story. The form, a short story of 5000-6000 words is most suitable as it allows me to change perspectives and incorporate flash forwards and backwards effectively. My major work relates to the HSC Advanced course through the Area of Study of discovery as my short story explores the process of how the protagonist, Ai’ Han, understands the importance of family. It also relates to the Extension One elective After the Bomb as it portrays the fear of nothingness and death in the context of the 21st Century. I have chosen my English Extension Two major to be in the form of a short story. Despite a play and short film being other options, the most ideal choice for me was a short story. My story takes place over a few days however there are numerous flashbacks and location changes which a short story is able to execute better due to the clear signs it can…

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  • A Story Of A Mirror: A Short Story

    “Excuse me?” “Didn’t Tom tell you I fly in tonight?” Betty replied. “No! He surely did not.” “I will email my flight information to you and Tom.” “That will be fine. Let me go. I need to get dinner started. Bye! ” “See you then.” As Emily stood in front of the wide open refrigerator, she felt her blood start to boil. “What the hell! One more thing to add to my damn list of things to do.” The front door opens and slams closed quickly due to the wind that is blowing through the house. Tom walks…

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  • W. W Jacobs: A Short Story Of Short Stories

    Short stories originated from the oral storytelling traditions in the 17th century. These stories where not meant to bore the reader, they were made to more to entertain the audience. Along with the short story here is usually a theme that the author is trying to teach. Short stories are a work of fiction; the events that occur in these stories are not true. “The monkeys paw” theme is be careful for what you wish for. Even though wishes aren’t true in real life some events may be close to making…

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  • Compare Emily Story And Short Story

    Watching the short film and reading the story are completely different in their sequence of events, both have some similarities but mostly different. The story being the more confusing one because it starts explaining the ending to beginning as for the movie it shows you beginning to end which obviously makes it easier to understand the order. In both the story and the short film there are some similarities. Beginning with the short film, you see the end, Emily is dead at the morgue being…

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  • Story Of An Hour Short Story Analysis

    “The Story of an Hour," written by Kate Chopin in 1894, is one of the most popular short stories in literature. “The Story of an Hour” is related to woman’s role in society back in the late 19th century, and the story shows relationship of a wife and husband’s, and freedom for the woman. The main character in the story is named Mrs. Louise Mallard, who seems unhappy with her married life and with her husband Brently, and she has some health issues. Mrs. Mallard health issue leads to death of…

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  • Characteristics Of Traditional Short Stories

    These days we read ten short stories, half are traditional short stories, and another half are modernism short story, By reading the first five short stories, I can see some features of the traditional short stories. Title is the center of the short story, a good title can tell you the main content of the short story. The writers of traditional short stories always use the protagonist or some important thing in the stories as the title. “Eveline” and “The Pious Lady and The Gray Friar” use the…

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  • My Story Of Success: A Short Story

    My story of success is somewhat ambiguous, the reason being my success was brought by tragedy. I am writing this to show people that they can adapt to extenuating circumstances, be able to use my story to better their lives, and demonstrate that all success is not without compromise. I want you to learn from my mistakes, instead of making your own. My story begins earlier than most, at Highland Park High School. It was my junior year that I had first decided that I wanted to major in biology,…

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  • Short Story: Story Of The Emperor's Chicken '

    disappointed, he knew she would never give up. “My dear do you know the story of the twelve golden chickens?” asked the doctor “Yes of course, but that is only a story, is it not?” questioned Beth. “It was once said that a single feather of a golden chicken would help cure any disease. Though every time one tried to look for the golden chicken all that was left of them was a single stone egg.” “Pardon me?” “Yes, a single stone egg. Do not question me any further. You said you would do anything…

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  • The Lulrking Fear Short Story

    “The Outsider” a short story in “The Lurking Fear” by H.P. Lovecraft. It is a simple story on the surface but it can be thought provoking if you read deeper. It is about a man trying to find out where he is and why. Even though the story is in a collection of macabre horror it is more of a mystery than horror story till the end. The writer’s descriptions are so vivid that the reader does not notice the lack of characters. “I know not where I was born, save that the castle was infinitely old and…

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  • A & P Short Story Analysis

    The short story A & P, written by John Updike, is different because of the way that Updike is able to write in present and past tense from the perspective of a teenager thinking back to his days working in a grocery store. The story is about some girls who walk into the store wearing nothing but their bathing suits. These girls draw everybody’s attention away from their work and onto them simply because of the way that they’re dressed. Besides the distraction, most of the conflict does not…

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