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  • Social Workers And Social Work

    from an outside source that is when a social worker may get involved depending on the circumstance. The broad definition of social work is work carried out by trained personnel with the aim of alleviating the conditions of those in need of aid or welfare (Google 2015). There are multitudinous amounts of different types of social workers, child welfare or family social workers, child or adult protective services social workers, school social workers, healthcare social workers, and military and veteran social workers only to name a few. Only social workers that have a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral level and with the minimum required hours in fieldwork experience are observed as the professionals of social work. People with a social work degree do not all work for the state, many different types of businesses hire social workers for example counseling centers, hospitals, schools and many more. Pay for a social worker varies drastically and depends on who they work for and how long they have been a social worker. Satisfaction varies from social worker to social worker, but two satisfaction points are being able to help others and being able to schedule their own day and not having someone tell them what they have to by when. Social workers are important to all communities because with there being multiple different types of social workers they are able to assist numerous more people in the community get the help they need. Social workers can come to the aid of with…

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  • Social Activism In Social Work

    #1 A. Social work is a value based practice and employs a two pronged approach. The juggling act, as it were, in social work is a 100 year old debate exploring if the goal of social work is that of seeking social reform or focusing on treating the individual. (Haynes, 1998) All the while seeking to do what is “good and desirable” (Bisman, C., 2004) Social workers are expected to be activists for policy change and are also assumed to be clinical practitioners as well. These individuals are…

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  • Social Inequality In Social Work

    When I read my article and try to summarize it, I think of how far we have come in social work. This article was written back in 1979 by Joseph Reid of Lima and comes from the book Child Welfare Perspectives. In his article titled “The responsibility of family and children’s agencies for rehabilitation of families”, it states the responsibilities of the family and the agency to reunify the child back into the home. The article goes over the different views of the family and of different…

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  • The First Choices To Work For Social Service As A Social Work

    What’s next? If you would’ve asked me a month ago what I wanted to be, I would have said to work for Social Services as a Social Worker. Since Fall 2015 started, I got a Social Work class. Since the first week of school, the professor had said that we were going to have to do volunteer work in the Social Work area. My first choice was to go volunteer at Social Services as a Social Worker; didn’t have luck. As the days went by, the first page of my volunteer packet was due, and I still didn’t…

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  • Work Reflection: The Intro To Social Work

    The road to become a social worker has not been easy. I did not expect this degree to fall out of the sky, but I did know about the added work during the internship. I learned early in the program that it takes patience and perseverance to stay in this program. I will reflect on the courses that has opened my eyes to the diversity in this society. The Intro to Social Work course was wonderful at displaying how the social work foundation got started and the people who stumbled upon social work…

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  • Social-Work Experience: My Strengths Of Social Work

    I possess multiple strengths that will be invaluable to me in the social work profession. I am empathetic by nature. I know firsthand the struggle and the obstacles that go along with the healing process. This allows me to have an “I’ve been there” perspective and a more relatable relationship with clients. It is because of this understanding that I am able to help clients see that even through the trials and tribulations in life, there is always an opportunity to begin anew. I am also socially…

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  • The Importance Of Group Work In Social Work

    The current trend in social work is one characterized by a shift towards strength-based approaches. Group work has long been used to alleviate various illnesses as well as substance abuse disorders. Support groups for people suffering from trauma, refugees, caregivers and patients suffering from various medical problems are also common. This paper illustrates the use of a strength-based approach to alleviate the conditions of single-parents suffering from several psychological stressors. I had…

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  • Importance Of Social Issues In Social Work

    a. Understanding of problems and concerns relative to social work: Some of the roles of the social work profession are to provide resources to effectively help clients and groups of individuals engage with their environment and cope with negative stimuli. Social workers specialize according to the environment their clients inhabit to advocate for the client and provide professional resources. As vulnerable populations exist and resources limited, social issues need to be addressed by the social…

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  • Social Group Reflection In Social Work

    The social group that I chose are the people that I work with at Jimmy Johns on Mondays from 5:00-10:00 p.m. This group consists of 3 males and 1 female. The ages for the males are 22 (subject A), 18 (subject B), and 54 (subject C) and the female is 17 (subject D). I chose this group because everyone is very different from each other, yet everyone works well together and are able to have fun doing it. The first prominent element of the group is the language. Because each person tries to be as…

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  • Social Work: A Social Need In Society

    Social Work is needed in Society The hero without the cape, the man or women helping you have a future and be in a healthy environment. The person who checks on you weekly at any time you need them to talk. This person’s job is to help you become what you want to be. A citizen may ask, who is this person? This job, this person, that does all of this is a social worker. All things have a beginning, and most things have begun because there was a problem that needed to be solved. Social work…

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