Personality Self Assessment Report

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1. Write the result of the Personality Type self-assessment you took in class.

My personality type is INTP-T. I enjoy daydreaming about my goals and my future. I also like to lie down and close my eyes and think about things about life. Moreover, I find it hard to comfort someone verbally when they are in need of emotional support. I’m always open to unfamiliar ideas as long as they sound logical to me. It is not easy for me to make friends. The reason is I value Intellectuality over being popular among a social circle or seeking attention. However, it is easy for me to befriend people who share common interest/s. It makes it easier to get to know them and connect with them. People of my type who become parents prioritize raising their children to think independently and form their own opinions and believing in them. Also, teach our children to seek out knowledge before judging things. It is important that we lay a foundation for them which they can build on, on their own.

2. Explain any five of your personality traits with example.
Short-tempered. I have a hard time tolerating people with an ignorant way of thinking. It often gets
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I believe that this is the highest intelligence type because I usually prefer to spend time alone to think about my life. For example, when I go through a hardship I’ll get away from people and lock myself in the room to self-reflect about what I should do next. I prefer to listen to my heart and not the opinions of others on how to proceed. However, if I don’t feel good about the decision I’m going to make, I give up on myself and go to close people to ask for help. Moreover, when I learn a new activity, my mind sometimes makes connections about things I have already learned that help me progress in the new activity. Intrapersonal intelligence is one my strengths and it shows in my

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