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  • Synthesis Of 4-Methoxyphenyl Cycloalkanol

    1-[Cyano(4-methoxyphenyl)methyl]cycloalkanol (VF-I) synthesized through the reaction of p-methoxyphenylacetonitrile and cyclohexanone using aq. NaOH and tetrabutylammonium hydrogen sulfate as PTC. NaBH4 and CoCl2 in 2:1 THF: H2O used for the reduction of VF-I to obtain 1-(2-amino-1-(4-methoxyphenyl)ethyl)cyclohexanol (VF-II). Further, venlafaxine derivative of the amino acid -carboxamide (VFCA-I toVII ) synthesized through coupling of N-Phthaloyl amino acid chloride derivative (2a-2g-…

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  • Field Project 4 Assignment

    My Project 4 assignment was a category 1 assignment. The category 1 assignments teach the foundational skills for understand the writing disciplines. The purpose is to increase the skills and read carefully, so no important information is left out. I completed the Report in Writing in the Field Assignment. The assignment for this project I had to use both primary and secondary sources to compose a report on that profession. I am still unsure of exactly what I want to do. This assignment helped…

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  • Walmart Chapter 4 Summary

    Chapter 4 opens with the dilemma that Walmart faced, as a second generation of workers began to be hired to fill jobs due to expansion of stores and the high turnover of older works. (Lichtenstein 112-113). Increases in the federal mandated minimum wage, precipitated a new strategy for Sam Walton and Walmart, whose insatiable quest for maintaining and increasing profits led to a management template that controlled all aspects of employee wages, benefits, and overtime hours. (Lichtenstein…

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  • Macbeth Act 4 Analysis

    chooses isolation; Therefore, she tells the thanes to leave. There’s ambition and violence in Macbeth. Macbeth's desperation to keep power motivates him to visit the weird sisters. Macbeth says: "I am in blood / Stepped in so far" (Macbeth, Act 3, Scene 4, L. 1440-1441) meaning that turning back is as difficult as continuing on. Ambition and violence are all he has left, and he knows it. He has sacrificed everything for his ambition for power. We, the readers, can sense their feeling through…

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  • Unit 4 Performance Task

    Unit 4 Performance Task Francis Bacon Former Lord Chancellor Did you know Francis Bacon is known as the father of The Scientific Method? Moreover, Francis Bacon was a former Lord Chancellor when worked under the Queen’s reign. When James I became King, he stayed within the King’s favor. Sir Edward Coke disliked Bacon as he was engaged to his wife and accused him of corruption and despair. He eventually went on to press charges. Francis Bacon was born on January 22th, 1561 at…

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  • Gender Issues In The Sims 4

    In the sense of gender and queer issue, The Sims 4 is likely provides the same-sex relationship that related to LGBT, in the Create a Sim, players can choose the way sim walks whether it is masculine, feminine, bouncy, lazy, or normal walk and players may choose male sim that walks in feminine way and vice versa. There is controversy of The Sims 4 regarding the same-sex relationship in Russia thus makes The Sims 4 rated 18+ and prohibited for children (newsmax.com). However, the…

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  • Disadvantages Of 4 Stroke Engine

    70% is going as waste. That means, to get more power from engine the fuel resources are wasting by wasting the 70% of produced energy,if less fuel consumption rate is desirable the more power generation should be sacrificed. Present innovation namely 4 stroke engine with 2power strokes is introduced in order to overcome these problem ,The piston will execute 2nd power stroke without using gasoline fuel. By the introduction of this engine it is more beneficial to the automobile industry because…

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  • Deut 13-4 Analysis

    The word “fear” used in Deut. 13:4 is best fit into the category of being used in relation to respect, honor and worship in awe of our Lord God. The use is most associated with obedience and trust in the Lord to follow His commandments. We are also to love him above all things as commanded in verse 3, I find it difficult to love someone when I fear them. In Deut. 17:19 it states, “learn to fear the Lord”, how do we learn to fear? Fear to me is a reaction. So, with all this in mind and with so…

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  • Assassins Creed 4 Analysis

    film, it should follow the development of the plot and not stuck in the fixed frame mode. Both the flexibility of music and the basic characteristics of the curved structure cannot be completely separated.I feel that the composer of "assassin's creed 4" followed the above principles when they arranged the structure of “Ezio's family.” They were very flexible to make changes based on the specific requirements of the plot to achieve auditory communication better. "Ezios family" is one of the…

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  • Acadia 4: A Short Story

    Infiltrator As the transport entered Acadia 4’s atmosphere, the friction of the descent unleashed an aura of dense orange flames. Eric Nels watched out the Portside windows as the blaze extended across his view of sight. Expanding, it appeared to ignite the rockish landscape below. As the craft escaped the boundaries of the atmosphere, the flames quickly subsided, revealing an unobstructed view of the surface below. Although, the rocky terrain of Acadia 4’s surface was easily apparent from…

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