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  • Abstinence: The Most Important Cases Of Teen Pregnancy

    The effect teen pregnancy has on the mothers in substantial, from conception to life after birth. How do most cases of teen pregnancy occur? Adolescent females are likely to answer either out of “readiness” or peer pressure. In the case of “readiness”, we describe readiness as feeling as if you are mature enough to make the responsible decision to have sex, and understanding and accepting the responsibility of practicing safe sex, for not only you but for your partner as well. One the other hand…

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  • The Benefits Of Avoidance Of Sex Education

    Teenagers are starting to think about sex at a younger age. Studies are showing that children start thinking about sex around the age of 10 to 12. 82% of the teenagers feel like they should not have sex, 72% say they should have access to birth control, 73% say being a virgin should not be embarrassing, 58% feel high school students should not be active, fewer than 50% of had sex, and 67% of teens in the study say that they wish they would have waited to have sex. 60% of them were boys and 77%…

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  • Teenage Pregnancy Program Analysis

    how they should handle themselves when they do not have someone watching over their shoulders. Adolescents are not educated on contraceptives or other forms of safe sex or birth control, which results in unwanted teenage pregnancy. Another issue is that most teenagers are not given the opportunity to go to the doctor to get birth control, which would also reduce the risk of…

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  • Accommodations Should Be Allowed In Schools

    The United States was founded on the principle of religious freedom and, it is important to try to firmly stand behind that belief in every case, one cannot do that with the well-being of any given student in mind. This applies to two topics in particular: the teaching of the theory of evolution and sex education. In every other aspect or field, I wholeheartedly believe that accommodations should be made for religion-related absences and all religious expression should be permitted. Every…

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  • Why Is Sex So Important To You Essay

    For many years, the biggest talk of all time has been about sex in my opinion. Whether this talk is on television, through music, in books and in almost every conversation of any typical teenager. When I step back and look at this topic, I ask myself, is sex really worth it? Why is sex so important to us? How come sex is “normal” to hear about on a daily basis? Sex comes with many risks and people do it anyway. This is what I want to get to the bottom of and understand why people do what they do…

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  • Abortion: Who's To Blame?

    same reasons that woman who have access to modern birth stuff choose to use birth control. Women want to be able to delay having children if they do not have the money to take care of a baby, if they are not in a good relationship with someone who can help them care for a baby, or if they still need to finish their school. 222 million women in the 3rd world countries are trying to stay away from pregnancy, but are not using a up to date form of birth controls, putting themselves at risk for a…

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  • Teen Sex Education Should Be Taught In Public Schools

    people ages 15 to 24 represent 25 percent of the sexually active population, but acquire half of all new STDs” (State Policies on Sex Education, 2015). A 2012 study from the Guttmacher Institute revealed that teaching teens about sexual health and birth control reduced risky sexual behaviors, reduced teen pregnancy, and prolonged 1st time teen sex (How abstinence only Sex Ed is Driving Up STD rates, 2013). These risky behaviors often include oral sex or touching – which some teens do not…

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  • Day After Pill Research Paper

    after having sexual intercourse. The sooner you take it the better it will work. For example, if a couple has sexual intercourse with each other the girl needs to take the pill, possibly right after so she knows that it will work good. The regular birth control method failed, or that you made a mistake with the regular method.…

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  • The Benefits Of Birth Control Pills

    parents about going on birth control? The latter of the two seems to be more of a realistic reasoning. Birth control pills are among the most common form of birth control; they are a form of hormonal contraception. Birth control pills and teenagers have become a hot topic within the community. Many wonder if teenagers should have birth control readily available to them without being prescribed by a doctor. Although many may argue it…

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  • The Importance Of Comprehensive Sexual Education In Schools

    sexual education classes and those classes teach students about preventing pregnancy and diseases. The government has greatly improved the way the classes have been taught and statistics have shown its potency “Between 1991 and 2004, the U.S. teen birth rate fell from 62 to 41per 1,000 female teens” (qtd.…

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